Can anyone tell me what all this is..?

  royalflush 13:28 26 Mar 2007

I know this guys is very respected in the gaming world but couldnt fathom out what all this is on his website...?

click here

  wolfie3000 17:32 26 Mar 2007

Never heard of him and thats a list of gaming server hacking tools,

Old ones at that.

I have absolute contempt for people who use these programs on servers.

  riiverstock 17:50 26 Mar 2007

wolfie3000 why?It's only a game anyway.

  royalflush 18:46 26 Mar 2007

wolfie3000 the guy in question is the absolute opposite he STOPS games/programs getting hacked...

  wolfie3000 18:51 26 Mar 2007

I guess you have never been in a game server and then find yourself being kicked from the server by some hacker?

Hackers in online games ruin everyones enjoyment of the game and in some cases can cause damage to peoples game accounts or worse there pc,s,

Finding out that the World of warcraft character you spent 6 months building up has just been wiped or worse hijacked can be devastating to some gamers,

i personally had a gunzonline character hijacked, and it took me 3 months to build up his stats, (level 88)

To some people its more than just a game.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:54 26 Mar 2007

'Archive of my demonstration code (proof-of-concept) in line with my full-disclosure philosophy'..better move this to pseuds corner>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  Forum Editor 19:00 26 Mar 2007


It intrigues me, this gaming thing, and I wish I could understand more about it. I watch others playing games online - I have an employee who does it when he thinks I'm not looking - but it does absolutely nothing for me.

Please, someone describe the gaming buzz to me - what would you be doing if computer games didn't exist?

  Kate B 19:05 26 Mar 2007

I can get very hooked on WoW - I think that particular game has a brilliantly calibrated reward system that encourages you to do just a bit more before you go to bed ... next thing you know it's 3am. I tend to prefer soloing but it is hugely good fun to team up with others to take on a dungeon and a boss.

  riiverstock 19:22 26 Mar 2007

wolfie3000 I think you might enjoy the silly but comical film Grandmas Boy.It's about guys who test the different levels in computer games.

It's OK.Caution they smoke a great deal of weed in it.

  IClaudio 19:46 26 Mar 2007

I was hooked on WoW for several months, and enjoyed working my way up through the levels. The best moments I had were being shepherded through a difficult level by another player on Teamspeak. Eventually though, the people I had started the game with had got to level 60 while I was around 20 (only an hour or so each day to play...) and their chat became gobbledegook to me.

I moved on to Guild Wars, which the advantage of being free after the initial cost of the game, and again, I had great fun working with other players. Although I still dip in to GW now and again, this month, I'm mostly playing BattleField 2142 - another team-based game.

Although I enjoy solo-orientated games like Call of Duty and Halo, I find the team-based games much more involving. I guess that, while I love shooting real, live opponents, I also like co-operative play. In BF2142, that means that you can re-supply and resurrect your team mates.

FE, you ask: 'Why?' It's an escape from reality, as someone once said. Not that there's anything particularly wrong with my reality, you understand...

  wolfie3000 20:00 26 Mar 2007


I will look out for it.


"Please, someone describe the gaming buzz to me"

Well imagine you guarding a base with 10 or so of your friends,
You plan a strategy on the best way to defend it when all of a sudden 2 Warthogs decend on you with there guns blazing,

click here

No time to think your team open up with all there guns at the oncoming warthogs,

BANG!! 2 of your team mates are down, your team retreat into the base while the enemy surround your base,
grenades and rockets are going off outside the base, your hands are now starting to sweat and your grip on the mouse is imperred,

Your heart pumping ten to the dozen as you chat to your team mates on team speak on how to attck,

you decide to sneak out the back to get a warthog, while all around you is a hail of rockets and grnades,

ok time for drastic action you teleport into the middle of the play area and make a mad dash for your enemies base while your team mates drive like madmen in the warthog towards you,
your in the enemoies base you see there flag and grab it jump in your teams warthog and drive back to your base,

Bang a rocket blows your warthog over no time to think just run into your base and score,

Now the games over you can sit back and chat to the oppisite team on how you totally owned them.

As i said before some people dont just see it as ONLY a game.

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