Can anyone help with advice for my dog biting?

  ollietatts 11:40 06 May 2009

Hello all, my dog bit the window cleaner today as he posted the bill through the door.
He has 1 or 2 small puncture marks on his finger and i sent him down to the doctors.
Does anyone know where i stand if he takes legal action? he knows we have a dog (jack russell) and there is a beware of dog sign in the window (which he will have seen having just cleaned them) and we have a mailbox screwed to the wall beside the front door instead of the mailslot on the door, which everyone uses, he also says that the mailbox should be screwed down so its not used, any advice would be gratefully received, thankyou, ollie.

  Clapton is God 12:03 06 May 2009

"Does anyone know where i stand if he takes legal action?"

Now might be a good time to identify a good local lawyer

  Marko797 12:09 06 May 2009

As the dog owner, I suspect you will be liable for anything which the dog does, be it biting the postman, window cleaner, or fouling in public - & so you should imho.

Despite the displayed warning signs, u should ensure the dog does not get the opportunity to bite anyone, & if the dog does have a penchant for biting people, then he/she should be muzzled.

If u don't want ppl to use the door mail slot because of the snapping dog, then you have a responsibility to ensure it cannot be used, & thereby eliminating your own (& any visitor's) risk.

What if it had been a child delivering a leaflet, local newspaper, or something else through your door, and he/she was bitten by your dog? There's potential for this to happen if you don't take action of sorts.

It's all part and parcel of being a responsible dog owner I guess.

  Quickbeam 12:10 06 May 2009

Is your dog insured?
As well as veterinary bills, most insurances cover third party damages. If not it might be worth checking your household insurance, you may have some cover there.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:33 06 May 2009

If you trained the dog properly you would not have this problem.

  Marko797 12:40 06 May 2009

another example of 'hoisted by his own petard?'

  Zaphod 3 12:42 06 May 2009

At first I thought these two threads were linked.

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  Quickbeam 13:19 06 May 2009

I bet you can't get crocodile insurance for around £15 a month...

  sunnystaines 13:59 06 May 2009

have put down before it bites again

  wee eddie 14:32 06 May 2009

Immediately cover the Mail Slot, so that it is inaccessible, and approach the Postie, tomorrow if not earlier, telling him what you have done and apologising.

Mean time I would have a chat with a Lawyer for some advice, as such cases can be very expensive and usually end in the Dog being "Put Down".

  Stuartli 14:44 06 May 2009

If the window cleaner knows you have a dog, that there is a sign in the window warning of its presence and that your mailbox is deliberately separate, he really doesn't have much room to complain if he is bitten..:-)

The dog is, presumably, only protecting its territory.


Have you thought of fixing a box behind your door's letter box to both receive post and to prevent anyone being bitten?

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