Can anyone give me advice...

  hijo 02:41 26 Nov 2006

i live @ the mo in a small terraced house down a nice & Quiet street,we had a new Neighbor (female)move in around 6 months ago which has been sheer hell,ive had to call the police due her ex boyfreind trying to kick down the front door when he knew he couldnt get it open he went around the back & tried to kick down that door but failed again so he then climbed on our extention & smashed her window cutting his wrist in the proccess & he stood in her bedroom shouting at top of his voice making her scream..this was @ 02:30am it happened about 5 months ago,ive since done some research on her & found out that she was kicked out of her last house she was renting due to her ex (same guy) smashed up the house,ive been in touch with her landlord by texing him as she was banging things around & laughing with another guy she had @ about 04:00am so i text her landlord & then switched my mobile off,he then left me a nice voicemail shouting @ me to "never contact" him again @ that time but yet its ok for us myself my wie & my 3 yr old son to take the hassle & noise,its now 02:35am i went to bed @ 01:00 & AGAIN shes back with another guy running up the stairs & down laughing ect waking me up,ive asked her soooo many times to keep the noise down but shes a genuine idiot & clumpsy iam not sure what to do...??? as we are just sick of it & must we have to move....????

  rodriguez 03:01 26 Nov 2006

Tell the council. Or whoever's renting her the house - not the landlord, he's obviosly an idiot, but the company who are renting her the house. Record it - either with audio tape or a camcorder. Then show them what's going on. They should sort sort something out when they see what's happening.

  Apron 06:08 26 Nov 2006

click here
There is advice here including e-mail addresses of places to get help. I hope that you are sleeping now and that you get help soon.

  facepaint 10:59 26 Nov 2006

I would not recommend texting to make my point nor to complain;it is too impersonal.
I would phone the landlord and express my worry that his property may be totally wrecked or is in danger of going up in smoke.I think that this may plant the seeds of reality into his money grabbing and greedy mind.
You don't think that she is family?

  Pamy 11:05 26 Nov 2006

Personally, I would use snail mail to the local environtment office and possibly my local news paper.

  €dstowe 11:05 26 Nov 2006

Don't go at this alone.

You surely have neighbours who are experiencing the same thing. Get them activated into doing something about it as well.

  Colin 11:28 26 Nov 2006

hijo, you have my sympathies. I live in what sounds like a similar street to you. We have also had this problem, fortunately not right next door, though. It takes an extremely long time to get anything done, and in our case, the people moved on of their own accord. No doubt to cause misery to new neighbours. It is difficult to tackle this yourself and you must involve the relevant authorities. Neighbours can be very unhelpful in assisting here. Who wants a nutcase banging on your door at 2 in the morning threatening to do such and such to the grasses? They cannot be reasoned with as they are clearly irresponsible deranged people. The funny thing is, they complained like hell about people leaving for work in the morning because a front door could be heard shutting and a car being started disturbing their sleep!

  hijo 12:04 26 Nov 2006

many thankx EVERYONE, just to add to this ive approached her so many times i would hate to think just how many about her running out of the house slamming the door either her or her mate who sometimes lives there,"€dstowe" you mentioned about other neighbours having the same issue.."good point" but shes the end house down the terrace iam the house attatched to her's,i have approached the landlord BUT he's simply not bothered & a point to mention about him is the last people who lived there we got on great with & still do,but when they handed in there notice to this landlord (of a month) h arranged to met them at the house to take his keys back & give them there deposit back,when he inspected his house he said that "he didnt have the deposit" & would meet them back @ the house in 1 hour BUT he never did he kept there deposit informing that he needed TWO months notice not one & that they had broken the contract of which he had just made up...grrr,he is a "slum lord" there's no doubt about that & he's got other properties,i wont contact him as he's rude & unhelpfull,he's got no reason to be against me just that he want's his £££'s & a easy life...
so i guess its council in the morning...thankx to all for your replies...h

  Kate B 12:49 26 Nov 2006

Keep a diary of all the incidents and if you can film any of it, do. The council will need evidence and timestamped footage is a good start. Good luck, bad neighbours are a real nightmare.

  recap 13:45 26 Nov 2006

You may be able to get more help if you click here, hijo

  anskyber 14:03 26 Nov 2006

When dealing with Councils.
Be factual, be precise, be clear and above all be insistent. The truth is you will be one of a number of people so you need to stand out from the crowd. The best way is to confirm everything in writing. Email is fine, just do it regularly and when people promise replies always write the next day saying you have not received your reply.

Councils have performance standards to meet which include replying to correspondence. You will need patience and endurance, good luck.

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