Can AMD hit back.?

  Joe R 20:57 01 Sep 2006

For the last decade almost, I have been building myself a new system, every couple of years or thereabouts, and wikk be doing so again, after the festive period.

For the last seven of those years, I have been using AMD cpu's, as I believe the price/performance ratio for these chips were always just that little bit better. Now, however after reading reviews on the Intel core 2 duo Conroe, I have decided that unless AMD come up with something better, rapidly, I will be going back to Intel.

Do other users think that this new chip will, cause a lot of damage to AMD, or will they be able to come back with another range of cpu's to carry on the healthy competition for this market.?

  Joe R 21:00 01 Sep 2006

AAh, for "wikk" read "will".

Must stop typing in the dark :)

  Jackcoms 21:08 01 Sep 2006


Who are they? ;-))

  sean-278262 21:15 01 Sep 2006

AMD doesnt only cater for the top end of the market

click here
Pentium4 £55

click here
Sempron £35

Similarly rated processors and 20quid difference. This is one of the main ways AMD makes their market share. Of course the did and I suppose still do rely on their having the king of the processor crop but in due time I am sure it will return there. Dont forget like most things they usually swing about one taking the lead for a short time then the other with something slightly better.

All in due time if you ask me. Still take an AMD over an Intel just for the fact that every AMD has been a wonder to own and every intel a PITA!

Just my feelings.
Pentium 2 150mhz - was deathly sluggish even in its day
Celeron 600 - If you asked it to work it was quicker some days to DIY!
AMD 2200 - Works great still does but the machine has been stripped.
Amd 2600 - Blazing fast processor even though it was a budget purchase
AMD 3000+ sempron in my laptop. Well I dont use a PC at the moment as my laptop is faster than my PC!

  ezypcy 21:57 01 Sep 2006

Considering the average punter is buying a Tesco £300
quad core pc then it will always be hype.
Strange how MS always seemed to time their releases
with Intel's latest chip (eg 64 bit XP).

It was good news when AMD recently tied up with ATI graphics.
Due to the future power and structure of the graphic
card,it will compute faster/better than many processors.

Expect to see some computers driven purely by the
graphics processor in the near future.This will then
revolutionise the design and size of motherboards.

  Joe R 21:57 01 Sep 2006

Creature of the Nite,

I realize the worth of the AMD cpu range, and still have in my own household, an Athlon XP1800, a barton core 2800 and a socket 939 AMD3200 64bit, the latter of which is in my own system, and the former two still run perfectly capable for the needs of my daughters.

I have to agree with your comments about the reliability of previous Intel chips, but the new chips will have been about long enough, for me to see how they stand up to day to day P.C. stresses.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:22 01 Sep 2006

I think it is more likely to be, how soon will AMD hit back?

  egapup 10:08 02 Sep 2006

Trying to keep up with all this is making me bankrupt.

  freaky 12:15 02 Sep 2006

IMHO this is all rather inane!

It is pointless to buy the latest, fastest super duper chip currently available - what are you going to do it with it apart from getting a few milliseconds quicker processing time.

The hardware is always ahead of the software, with the result that it is ages before the software can fully utilise a new the meantime another super duper cpu appears. Are you then going to buy that, and repeat this process!

You are simply wasting money just to have the satisfaction of owning for a temporary period of time, the fastest cpu available!!

  ezypcy 12:50 02 Sep 2006

freaky,agree with you.
It's all heading towards using tv boxes that will do everything.
And eventually a tv channel for providing software
application sharing.Enabled to deal with rapid video
editing etc.
Graphics and sound will be the gods.
The latest business models have to be destroyed for good.'The King is Dead......'.

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:16 02 Sep 2006

I bought my Athlon 64 4000+ when the prices dropped, just after the first dual care Athlons came onto the market. I will do much the same next time I upgrade.

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