Cameron on knives

  newman35 11:07 07 Jul 2008

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The right idea, but probably unworkable, and leaves the police to decide whether the carrier is OK or not (ie knife for fishing, or fighting - difficult call, and a lawyers dream?).
Brown's idea of 'over 16' prosecution just means gang members get under 16's to carry the knife for them, till needed!

  day2strike 11:14 07 Jul 2008

I thought English Jails were over crowded already, will this not make the situation worse?

  spuds 12:30 07 Jul 2008

Haven't we been through all this before.

Quite a number of years ago, I was involved with a knife and weapon amnesty. When it came to sorting out the bins, in the main it was the responsible person who had handed something in. The villains or wrongdoers still retained their prized possessions.Okay you got the odd Samurai ornamental sword or the Davey Crockett designed masterpiece, but these were from the collector more than from a participant of lethal crime.

Don't forget, in this modern day, its cool to carry and use a knife, if respect is challenged.

  oresome 12:50 07 Jul 2008

"I thought English Jails were over crowded already, will this not make the situation worse?"

Not at all. Those that have already been convicted will be released early to make room for the new convicts.

Keeping prisoners is an expensive business and this method keeps the costs down whilst satisfying the political urge to be seen to be doing something.

  newman35 13:15 07 Jul 2008

I presumed the thinking was deterrent, should only take a few 'high profile' jailings start to make the yobs think twice about carrying knives - so prisons would not have a continuous overcrowded situation.
But, then again, capital punishment never stopped murders - so perhaps there isn't an answer to the knife problem.

ps Is the problem only an 'English' one - as it seems from 'day2strike' that only English jails are full!!

  Clapton is God 13:31 07 Jul 2008

"I thought English Jails were over crowded already"


We're talking about jails here - a place of punishment - not the bloody Hilton hotel

  day2strike 14:59 07 Jul 2008

Bring back National Service?

  Stuartli 17:49 07 Jul 2008

Probably they'll be even worse with bayonets.....

  mrwoowoo 18:39 07 Jul 2008

Still,something for this country to be proud of.
We have the best jails in the world.Just ask the lags.
No wonder they're full.

  sunny staines 19:13 07 Jul 2008

go back to putting two to a cell again.

  Bingalau 20:12 07 Jul 2008

Go back to sticking them in no matter how many it ends up with in a cell. Better still stick them all on a deserted Scottish Island and let them fend for themselves. Sorry wee eddie!

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