Cameron "Angry"

  morddwyd 08:32 27 Jul 2010

Cameron is angry at the pace of negotiations for Turkey to enter the EU

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If I'd had to guess about something to do with the EU which made the Prime Minister of the UK angry, this would not have been in the top half of my list!

  spuds 09:38 27 Jul 2010

Perhaps Cameron is looking for a cheap holiday venue :O)

Turkey as many problems including the Cyprus situation. Then there is the Human Rights issues that appear from time to time.

I think Cameron as enough to worry and get angry about, in his own back yard, before involving his talents into another countries problem. I wonder what his coalition partners feel?.

  egapup 10:21 27 Jul 2010

Suppose we'll be flooded with Turks when they join.

  sunnystaines 10:37 27 Jul 2010

do we really need turkey in the EU?

  Kevscar1 10:47 27 Jul 2010

do we really need turkey in the EU?

do we really need the EU?

  sunnystaines 10:56 27 Jul 2010

we already have too many poor countries dragging it down without another.

i cannot see what turkey has to offer, their culture is very different to the european one.

they need to sort out the cyprus saga too and the ongoing dispute with greece over some islands. Read recently turkish war planes target the greek defence system almost daily.

they are a nato member [handy location for usaf bases] so perhaps thats why cameron is worried they may pull out of nato as they are leaning more towards iran than the west.

  Seth Haniel 10:59 27 Jul 2010

and they were on about joining then - but they have some serious issues that need to be resolved long before they should be allowed anywhere near joining

  anchor 12:14 27 Jul 2010

sunnystaines has summed it up well. Many problems have hit the EU since the admission of poorer countries; serious political & social problems in Turkey also remain.

Austria and France would hold a referendum before Turkey could be admitted; in the latter case the result would also certainly be NO.

Moreover, only about 3% of Turkey is in Europe, the remainder is in Asia. How can a country with 97% of its territory in Asia be called European?.

  sunnystaines 13:20 27 Jul 2010

if they let turkey in which is mostly outside europe, is this a stepping stone to let israel in too.

turkey would have to tighten up its boarders to stop the kurds flooding in from iraq and using turkey as a gateway to europe.

germany has a large turkish population left over from the days when it needed a cheap workforce, they must be worried as a large amount of turks may want to resettle in germany or come here for our giveaway benefits and council houses.

  nangadef 13:57 27 Jul 2010

sunnystaines in other threads it's argued that cultural diversity adds to life in Britain. Why not to the EU?

  bri-an 14:09 27 Jul 2010

"..or come here for our giveaway benefits and council houses."

Thought this might be a disincentive if the ConDem coalition gets it's way on benefits!!
Perhaps that's the reason Dave is not worried.

Seriously, I think it's better to get the Turks in the EU rather than them drifting towards Iran.

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