User2008 12:43 04 Aug 2008

After reading the camera hire thread I'm wondering what everyone else uses.

Do you just use a top of the range compact digital, a big DSLR or a combination of cameras?
Do you use just cheap disposables or a cheap digicam?
Are you still using old school kit or are you fully digital?

I personally love carrying a camera with me and have an ultra compact and a large zoom compact as well as my trusty camera phone. I then compile all my photos into online albums and CDs for the family. I rarely print unless I want to frame and wall mount it, or if someone asks for one.

  Quickbeam 12:50 04 Aug 2008

I just use a high spec compact now. When I used to carry an slr around with me it was with film, an Olympus OM1, then a Minolta XD7, and then a a Monolta 9000.

My wishlist camera would be a compact with the aps size sensor, a Leica quality lens, as small as possible and with all the features of a good compact:)

  Kemistri 13:39 04 Aug 2008

Maybe you should try the DP1, Quickbeam, or wait to see if the idea catches on and produces some alternatives. I think that this particular niche is too small for that to happen, to be honest. Most compact users seem ignorantly happy with over sharpened, over-saturated, grainy or NR-smeared images and poor dynamic range.

To answer User2008's questions, I'm not "fully digital" but my camera bodies are. ;) The old film bodies (well, the ones that work anyway) are in the attic where they belong.

  Bingalau 13:50 04 Aug 2008

Before going over to digital I always used a Voiglander 35mm camera and it went all around the world with me. It is now retired in a cupboard in the bedroom and I have been told it might be worth a few bob.

  Bingalau 13:52 04 Aug 2008

I knew there should be a letter "t" in that word but couldn't remember where it went.

  BT 17:03 04 Aug 2008

In between the 't' and the 'l'. Nice Little camera from the early 60's. My first 'good' camera was a Kodak Retinette which I still have, from around the same time.
I used Practika cameras in various guises for many years. Not the most desirable but when you don't have much money, good value and built like tanks.
I'm digital now with a Fuji S602Zoom and a couple of small digital compacts.

  BT 17:04 04 Aug 2008

Should be between the 'g' and the 'l' of course!

  Starfox 18:32 04 Aug 2008

Bought a 3.1 megapixel digital camera from Argos about 5 years ago which I am still using today.
A Concord EyeQ which cost over £100 at the time and the same money today would get you lots more features but it has served me well and I don't think I will be changing it in the near future.

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  Curio 19:28 04 Aug 2008

Have a Panasonic Lumix 10X Zoom leica lens for inside and overcast days (no viewfinder) and a Kyocera 10x Zoom (with viewfinder) for bright sunny days. Went to Niece's wedding a few weeks ago, forgot to take the Kyocera. Could not see a thing on the backscreen of the Panasonic in the sun. Consequently, some very odd photographs were taken!

  User2008 19:51 04 Aug 2008

I've often wondered why they omit the viewfinder on P&S models. Only a few manufacturers have them, in fact I can only remember two of them for sure and they are Sony and Canon.

  bluto1 20:28 04 Aug 2008

Years back I had an Aries III, lovely f2 lens, but those days are gone. Black/White was my forte then, but no more, alas.
It's now digital.

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