A Camera that looks through clothing

  peter99co 18:26 10 Mar 2008

This could be very useful in many ways click here

  Quickbeam 18:29 10 Mar 2008

How many of us thought of the other use? :))

  wee eddie 18:53 10 Mar 2008

The X-Ray Specs that I ordered from the comic: Wizard!

  sunny staines 19:04 10 Mar 2008

they do show the body outline contrary to the report.

  peter99co 19:15 10 Mar 2008

I bet the American military would like a few deployed.

  Stuartli 19:15 10 Mar 2008

My other half used to be able to see through people, never mind clothing.

She was a radiographer...:-)

  Bingalau 19:28 10 Mar 2008

Stuartli. I like it! But then again I am known for my twisted sense of humour.

  lofty29 12:38 11 Mar 2008

NO doubt the pc brigade will want it banned because it infringes someone's human rights

  Bingalau 12:57 11 Mar 2008

Stuartli. Just thought on... My wife has always been able to see through me and she wasn't a radiographer

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