Camera Inheritance

  Crosstrainer2 07:03 09 Sep 2011

I have inherited a variety of cameras from my old pal who passed away recently. Hassleblad, Nikon, Pentax and a couple of high end digital slr's.

Expect for the digital stuff, the others are film based, many with motor drives and dedicated lenses. Do people still use this kit? I don't feel it appropriate to sell them, but wonder if they can be put to use?

  Crosstrainer2 08:30 09 Sep 2011

Thanks for the information, I know I wouldn't use them, and that my friend would be happier if they were being used ( He went digital a long time before he died) I will investigate art colleges. It seems that some of this kit is worth quite a lot of money.

  interzone55 08:49 09 Sep 2011

The Hassleblad will be welcomed greatly by many art students.

Depending on the model though you may be able to buy a super high resolution (up to 50 (yes five zero) megapixels) digital back for it.

  rickf 10:09 09 Sep 2011

My son's into photography and swears by film cameras taking better pics. I would be very interested in what you have as a X'mas present for him. I hope this is not an inappropriate message for this forum.

  Crosstrainer2 10:36 09 Sep 2011


Not inappropriate, just don't feel that selling them would feel right somehow.

  interzone55 10:58 09 Sep 2011


In the right hands good quality film can outstrip the performance of digital cameras, but modern digital cameras now better the resolution of 35mm film, so for the vast majority digital is better.

I've recently bought a Panasonic DCM-FZ45 and have found that I take much better, more considered photographs because I can compose the image in the display, take the photograph and see how it looks, then compose the image again if necessary.

This is much the same system as studio photographers used, by having a polaroid back on their Hassleblad to take sample shots, then slap the 120 roll film back in place for the actual photographs...

  Woolwell 14:28 09 Sep 2011

Brings back memories of using a Hassleblad for aerial photos.

  hssutton 14:29 09 Sep 2011

I still on occassions use my Bronica 2 1/4 sq camera, but find my Canon DSLRs give me better image quality and without all the hassle of spending an evening in the darkroom.

For an idea on value check out Ebay Medium format cameras

  iambeavis 14:42 09 Sep 2011

I sold all my digital gear in February. I'm 100% film (for the capture), using Nikkormats that are 35 years old and still working - even if the battery dies I can still take photos at all speeds. I wasn't too happy with digital but it took me several years to admit to myself that I'd made a mistake and, in the meantime, wasted a lot of money on gear. Still, not to worry - all happy now. :)

  peter99co 15:03 09 Sep 2011

Hassleblad for aerial photos.

I think there are still a couple left on the Moon and one may be still in orbit after being dropped.

Art College may be the way to go.

Try Jessops or Jacobs to see if they will make an offer or estimated value for you.

  Crosstrainer2 15:34 09 Sep 2011

I'm all digital, and find it far more user friendly than film. Perhaps that's my lack of talent :))

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