Camera hire

  Quickbeam 11:08 04 Aug 2008

Anyone had cause to hire a camera?

I flogged my last kit, Konica Minolta 7D before the value plummeted too much. But a high spec compact serves my own needs OK. Trouble is I promised to do a friends wedding pictures a couple of years ago and he has come to me in expectation!

I'm not going to buy a camera for a one off day, so I'm thinking of a hire kit for it...

  crosstrainer 11:21 04 Aug 2008

click here

I can't vouch for the site, as I have my own kit, but looks promising. If you lived in Wales you could borrow some of mine :))

  crosstrainer 11:50 04 Aug 2008

I can reccomend the 2 in this link though...Take superb photo's, burn them to disk, and let people choose the ones they want to print. Did this at a wedding myself a couple of years ago, and it worked really well.

We also found a website that allows you to upload the images in thumbnail form then choose the ones you like best...Sadly, they memory isn't what it used to be, and I think the groom organised this anyway...Will try to find it for you.

click here

  crosstrainer 12:07 04 Aug 2008

I think this is the site, at the reception every guest had a card with a login name so that we did not have to produce loads of DVD's. I burned one copy for the couple who then uploaded the pictures they wanted to the site below.

Guest's then chose the ones they wanted...If I remember correctly, it's time limited to about 3 weeks or so.

click here

  Quickbeam 12:08 04 Aug 2008

Thanks for that link.

There is another option I've just thought of, the man that bought my kit didn't want one of the lenses (18/70) or the flash which will be compatible with the Sony Alpha replacements. I'm thinking if I buy a Sony body and flog that after the event, the depreciation over a month or two will be less than the hire cost. That gives me the advantage of being fully familiar with the camera on the day...

I really must think about open promises more carefully:)

  crosstrainer 12:11 04 Aug 2008

Go digital my friend, it's just so much more flexible!

  Quickbeam 12:22 04 Aug 2008

No question on that, I bought my last kit for my nephews wedding in '05, but just couldn't regain the interest I used to have to bother carting an dslr kit about with me up mountainsides when a decent compact fits in a shirt pocket...

It's handy for me that Sony maintained the full backwards compatibility with the Minolta/Konica Minolta, accessory range.

  crosstrainer 12:28 04 Aug 2008

I know what you mean. I also have a Samsung 8mg pixel compact which is easy to carry around. But with more time on my hands now (and a good quality over the shoulder camera bag) I do take my DSLR's with me when I walk the dog's etc.

They do take some setting up and getting used to, but once you have it nailed it sticks.

It's that old "Oh I really wish I had my camera with me" adage that applies :))

  Kemistri 12:39 04 Aug 2008

I often hire lenses, but I have never hired a body. Hopefully, I will never need to, since that could only mean that something very bad had befallen my gear!

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