Camera enthusiasts wanted

  QinesiQ 15:49 05 May 2008

Are there any vintage camera enthusiasts out there with knowledge of Bolex cameras?
If so, I would like some help identifying the model of a camera. If I get any responses to my thread I’ll post back with more.


  Jak_1 16:08 05 May 2008

Bolex made 16mm movie cameras, it would have been helpful to people if you had mentioned this in your post. Have you tried a simple google search?

click here

  QinesiQ 18:10 05 May 2008

Yes, I am aware of this site

  Weskit 18:50 05 May 2008

I had an 8 m.m. cine, think it was the C8,many years ago. The Bolex site seems pretty comprehensive.

  John B 18:53 05 May 2008

It would be useful if you posted details of your camera.

  QinesiQ 19:21 05 May 2008

Ok, now I know there are some Bolex experts about I will continue…

Details: Bolex Paillard Super x Hypan Superpan serial number 617967

From the S/N *I think* I have narrowed it down to possibly a B8, B-8VS or C8

Would I be correct?

  Weskit 19:42 05 May 2008

I don't recognise the name "Super x Hypan Superpan". All I can add is that mine was a single lens camera. As I said. I think it was the C8. The others had a rotating turret carrying two lenses. I bought mine about 1953 to 1955 or thereabouts. Long gone now. Only problem I had with it was that when the motor ran down, it would stop with the shutter open. Possibly a model defect?

  jack 19:47 05 May 2008

Any of this of interest?

Marriott - Paillard Bolex H16 Cine Cameras
The Paillard Bolex H.16 cine camera is one of the most popular cameras for the ... One month later, it is advertised as a Paillard Bolex, and it was also ...
click here - 38k - Cached - Similar pages
Marriott - Paillard Bolex H16 Accessories
See also two undated Paillard Bolex Accessories catalogues in the ... This section concentrates on the lenses made by Kern and Berthiot for Paillard-Bolex. ...
click here - 21k - Cached - Similar pages
More results from click here »
Marriott - Paillard Bolex H16 accessories catalogue 1967
Note: we will be closed from Tuesday 22nd April 2008 until Sunday 4th May 2008 (inclusive). We reopen on Monday 5th May 2008. Paillard Bolex H16 Accessories ...
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Marriott - Paillard-Bolex Battery Instructions
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  QinesiQ 19:56 05 May 2008

I have not seen the camera myself and I have little knowledge in the area other than that acquired from the excellent web site already mentioned.
I am researching the info for a friend who perhaps wishes to sell. I believe it was purchased in the late 1950s.
I have tried to find references to Super x Hypan...etc but I feel I am out of my depth.
I am awaiting my forum activation to said site to see if anyone on there can help. in the meantime I thought I would try here.

Incidentally, Weskit, from my travels around the internet researching these cameras you could very well get replacement part(s) (ebay) or repairs for your defective motor but I am sure you will know more of this area than I.

  QinesiQ 20:06 05 May 2008

Thank you for your post. I did not think it was a H16 simply because I have been informed that it took 8mm, from my investigation the H16 S/N's are different and it appears to be a much larger camera than the one described to me. But I could be wrong on all counts.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:10 05 May 2008

click here seems to have your serial number but the prices do not look encouraging.


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