Camelot Instant Win Games

  pj123 13:59 05 Mar 2005

Why is it when you "try" an Instant Win game on the Internet you win. But when you "buy" an Instant Win game you don't?

Is it fixed?. Is it a ploy?

I just "tried" one of their Instant Win games 8 times and won something every time. When I went for real I didn't.

  g0slp 20:23 05 Mar 2005

I think you already know the answer...

Not that I'm cynical about these things, of course ;-)

  spuds 14:26 06 Mar 2005

All to do with the luck of the draw. I have some Premium Bonds [remember them] since day one, never had a bean from them :o(

  Forum Editor 14:46 06 Mar 2005

Of course it's not.

No lottery company would last five minutes if it tried to rig anything, and I'm sure the directors of Camelot realise that they would go to prison if anything like that was ever to happen.

  pj123 14:48 06 Mar 2005

spuds, know exactly how you feel. I also have some premium bonds since day 1 and have only had 2 £50 cheques since then. I have now cashed them in and got my money back.

  pj123 14:56 06 Mar 2005

FE, of course I know it isn't rigged/fixed. Just seems very suspect that 8 out of 8 free "tries", pay nothing, win nothing, comes up with 8 wins. Not the big one of course, just pay a £1 win a £1.

Ah well, keep trying. I didn't win the main Lotto either this week.


  Stuartli 16:07 06 Mar 2005

Back in 1999, when I had £2,000 worth of Premum Bonds, I checked Channel 4 for the latest prizes.

The first two letters matched mine from memory for the £1m prize, so I dashed to check them out. It was the right combination and I remember thinking that a 500-1 bet represented pretty good odds...

To bitter disappointment I found my block of numbers missed the biggie by around 140,000, so someone who bought his/her bonds shortly just before me struck lucky.

I was so mad, in fact, that I cashed the bonds in a few days later and bought a pile of computer equipment for me and my son, some of which I'm still using today...:-)

  Stuartli 16:09 06 Mar 2005

>>comes up with 8 wins>>

It's obviously a ploy to get you hooked.......

  g0slp 21:21 06 Mar 2005

Of course it's a ploy to get you to play the real games...

Suprising how many fall for such things though.

What are the odds against winning a prize when playing those games 'for real'? Anybody know?

  g0slp 23:10 06 Mar 2005

Thanks for that

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