Call for more training in A&E

  peter99co 15:54 23 Sep 2011

Next time you need a blood test check how it is done and maybe ask why a syringe?

Blood Tests

More than half were taken using the wrong equipment. They should normally by collected into vacuum tubes with special needles rather than using syringes which can damage fragile blood cells.

Junior doctors have surprisingly little training in taking blood and have a love of still using syringes which cause major problems.

I have had 3 tests this year and had no idea a Vacuum Tube existed.

  wiz-king 15:58 23 Sep 2011

This may be due to cost not training.

  Aitchbee 16:27 23 Sep 2011

I watched on STV news yesterday,a new device for locating veins and arteries in people who have difficult to spot, or deeply-embedded blood-channels.(I made that word up).It's a lamp which shines on the skin, and displays the veins - as plain as Punch. Marvellous!

  Chegs ®™ 16:46 23 Sep 2011

I read an article in the local paper that says blood testing is to be transferred to Carlisle(to save money)which seemed strange as thats 40 miles away thus increasing the possibilty still further of incorrect handling or contamination.I suppose that if the blood sample is collected incorrectly as well,then I might as well cease to be alarmed if it showed some serious illness.

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