Call Me Paranoid

  crosstrainer 08:35 27 Sep 2009

But being greeted by Goog11e this morning led me to believe that my home page had been hijacked!

I know, hover over the image, and you find out what it's about....I don't mind the pictures used to celebrate historical moments etc. But that one got me!

  Monoux 09:41 27 Sep 2009

Altogether now == Happy birthday to you -- Happy birthday to you --- Happy Birthday Dear Google -- Happy birthday to you

  Quickbeam 09:46 27 Sep 2009

you're paranoid, but watch out for horses heads in your bed;)

  crosstrainer 10:27 27 Sep 2009

:)) I will!

  crosstrainer 11:23 27 Sep 2009

.." I put horses heads in people beds, cause I am the law"

Catatonia....Not quite that paranoid...:))

  crosstrainer 11:38 27 Sep 2009

Not yet...Oh no...a knock on the door...You don't think it might be them do you?


  Legolas 13:53 27 Sep 2009

For a minute there I thought you had decided on a name change :))

  Quickbeam 14:19 27 Sep 2009

Don't you get paranoid now...

  Legolas 15:48 27 Sep 2009

Why are you saying that? Are you out to get me? Please don't hurt me, quick ma get me tablets....

  crosstrainer 15:48 27 Sep 2009

As in Mafia? No, not my style.

  crosstrainer 15:49 27 Sep 2009

Oh, yes I must take mine... :))

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