Call me a cynic, but

  Kate B 15:22 20 Jan 2007

... is the cancellation of Prince Charles' skiing trip to Klosters, apparently to reduce his carbon footprint, anything to do with the fact that the snow appears to be rubbish there at the moment? click here *chuckle*

  Bingalau 15:26 20 Jan 2007

Kate B. You're a "Cynic" ..Bingalau..

  Kate B 15:30 20 Jan 2007

Guilty as charged!

  Chris the Ancient 16:01 20 Jan 2007

Lawks a mercy!

The thought had never crossed my mind ;o))

  Al94 16:17 20 Jan 2007

Here's me thinking Camilla didn't like skiing!

  namtas 16:29 20 Jan 2007

Nothing at all to do with that, he is allowed to be responsible; critics are saying that he cancelled after comments about his intended trip to the US. He cancelled the skiing trip long before the row over New York.

  DrScott 16:51 20 Jan 2007

You are a cynic. Well you did request it :)

  Watchful 18:09 20 Jan 2007

And again; you are a cynic.

  Brumas 18:12 20 Jan 2007

Couldn't spot your name click here having said that, it was pretty difficult spotting anything worth spotting anyway ;o)

  anskyber 18:15 20 Jan 2007

Surely not!

I imagine if he ever becomes King we will see the monarchy go into voluntary liquidation to ensure there is a restriction on unnecessary travel.

  interzone55 20:34 20 Jan 2007

I feel he is a bit cowed after people spotted he went to the US with 20 lakeys to pick up an environmental award.

Only slightly less hypocrital than Dave Cameron being all green and cycling to Westminster with his papers following behind in the official limo (and the press hovering above in choppers)

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