call of duty 4 short

  citadel 18:10 25 Oct 2007

After waiting for call of duty 4 I am disappointed to learn that the single player only lasts seven hours. Then to cap it hellgate london is not very good, score 73. Reviews in pc gamer.

  donki 19:44 25 Oct 2007

Have u played the demo?

  mrwoowoo 19:48 25 Oct 2007

Sadly this seems to be the way a lot of games are going.Selling the single player mode short because you can play indefinately in online mode is not much good if you don't like playing online.
I personally only play in single player,so like yourself am dissapointed when a game sells you short.
I'll still get cod4 though(under protest).

  TopCat® 19:51 25 Oct 2007

The first mission - the demo - was far too short. I was hoping on its release that all missions would be longer. TC.

  Totally-braindead 19:54 25 Oct 2007

I'm like mrwoowoo I like the single player and haven't any really interest in multiplayer. I too have been seeing a lot of games falling short and I think its a shame. I was wanting to get Medal of Honor Airborne but was put off as it was short, it seems that COD4 is going to be the same.

I think I'll wait until I can get them cheaper, theres no way I'm paying all that money for something thats so short.

  mrwoowoo 20:02 25 Oct 2007

The other option regarding paying top whack for a shortish game is to sell it on ebay after you finish it.That way you get it at release and it basically ends up half the price.This works for me as i only enjoy playing a game once anyway,no matter how good.Obviously if you like a game collection or play a game again and again it's not an option.

  TopCat® 20:09 25 Oct 2007

Sometimes various game forums post a means of making up your own missions. I can't remember what that's called and have no idea on how to go about it, but it would tend to extend a good game a little more. TC.

  mrwoowoo 20:32 25 Oct 2007

It's called modding or game mods.You can add or design levels,add enemy's,extra weapons and lots more.Best to google your game followed by mods or modding.Never tried it but i may do as it looks very interesting.
I know Woolfie is into it in a big way,especially with halo,so he's the boy to ask.
click here_(computer_gaming)

  mrwoowoo 20:34 25 Oct 2007

Don't know what happened there,Doh!
click here

  TopCat® 20:50 25 Oct 2007

I've got all the other PC versions of CoD - shame about CoD3 was not for PC - and including a mod or two would cetainly revive my interest in them. I particularly like CoD2 because that high-pitched voice of a German is great and it always re-appears again soon after you've 'killed' him. Very funny! Apologies for straying off thread, citadel. TC

  donki 21:00 25 Oct 2007

Im reading there is a huge multiplayer environment, with unlimited modding??

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