Call centre credit card scams

  Spark6 19:58 19 Mar 2009

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One of the many risks of cheap labour!

  laurie53 20:10 19 Mar 2009

While it's good investigative journalism, it's hardly "hot" news.

Most people have been aware, or should have been aware, of the risk from foreign call centres for some time.

  Spark6 23:32 19 Mar 2009


  Forum Editor 00:12 20 Mar 2009

has anything to do with it. Poor security and human nature are to blame.

  Spark6 10:08 20 Mar 2009

The chances are that the three things go together.
If the operatives and the security personnel are poorly paid the temptation to increase their income is greater. Human nature has always been difficult to quantify.

  perpetual motion 13:20 20 Mar 2009

Thing is I for one have no issues with Indian Call Centre's what so ever HOWEVER it does seem that this is becoming a Epidemic & most of this kinda scamming is from over there so people over here will naturaly have a sour taste left in there mouths when banks move there call centres over there due to this kinda thing,

I belive the ONLY way for the banks to get around this is too have a Tier of call centre agents where the main details of someones accounts can only be viewed by a Screened & trusted specialist group of Agents & not all of them cause this is where its going wrong everyone has access too our details & no one seems to of been screened for background criminal activities ect

  DippyGirl 15:50 20 Mar 2009

I dint think this was about somebody accessing and harvesting confidential details, but from a tele-sales operation.
While better security or tiered access may well work in banks etc.
How do you stop someone making a note of the CreditCard number, expiry date and security code plus dname and address you have just provided to buy a product? With that they have that is needed to start using your card
Ban paper and pencils...and good memories?

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