Cadburys Gorilla Advert

  babybell 13:22 01 Nov 2007

A brilliant advert I no doubt you'll all agree, but did anyone notice that on the base drum during the advert before the Rugby World Cup Final started, were the words "bring it home guys". How patriotic! This must be why they are closing the majority of their UK factories and shipping the work abroad???

  bof:) 23:09 01 Nov 2007

never noticed this but then again a friend of mine thought the gorilla was real.

  Kev.Ifty 00:55 02 Nov 2007

Is it me? What is the significance of a drumming Gorilla?

Heres another.

click here

Maybe Phil Collins is a 'fruit and nut case' lol

  robgf 01:15 02 Nov 2007

"Is it me? What is the significance of a drumming Gorilla?"

I have wondered that myself.

Bof:) are you sure that's not a real gorilla, he looks real and they do beat their chests, surely just a small step to playing the drums.......

  Forum Editor 07:13 02 Nov 2007

wonder about the significance of a drumming gorilla, but obviously there isn't any.

It's got plenty of people talking though, and that's often not a bad thing with advertising.

  babybell 10:01 02 Nov 2007

Apparently the suit did cost over £100k to make. I think the drumming Gorillia has no relavance whatsoever, but it's funny and gets people chatting and you cant get better publicity than that!

  dagbladet 10:18 02 Nov 2007

Here's a good article about the making of the advert.

click here

  Totally-braindead 10:36 02 Nov 2007

I too wondered about the significance of the gorilla. I can only conclude there isn't any hidden message and its just meant to be entertaining or whatever.

The one I do like is the BT Broadband advert when the woman is so upset that shes lost all the kids photos and the man says we'll make another one. In case you haven't realised whats going on here its clear to me that the woman thinks he means make another kid, you can see by her face and the muttering she does, until of course he explains that the photos are all backed up and he means make another album not another baby. Makes me smile that ad.

  babybell 11:13 02 Nov 2007

As i've brought up the topic of adverts can i just share my utter contempt at the Picture Loan adverts. They're so bad i have to watch! That guy with the football on the phone to Picture whilst his wife films him with a camera? Oh good god! Makes my blood boil!

  Probabilitydrive 11:16 02 Nov 2007

It was only a question of time till at thread about this ad cropped up.

It is indeed a fabulous ad and if being hooked by two tiny movement of the drummer in a gorilla suit mean, Cadbury has potentially attracted a new customer - so be it....I really do wait for the Gorillas mouth distorting into a contemptuous sneer (1) and him looking straight into the camera with a 'Phil Collins eat my shorts' expression (2)..

Do I buy their chocolate? No, because -as the universal truth goes and everyone knows- chocolate is, where my home is...

  al7478 13:20 02 Nov 2007

best advert ever. probably.

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