Cadbury downsizes Dairy Milk bars

  peter99co 16:21 02 Feb 2011

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Have you noticed and does it matter?

I would think it could help if you are on a diet.

Unlike Crisps which have gone the other way.

US company Kraft Foods, which bought Cadbury at the beginning of last year, says other products are affected as well.

  wiz-king 16:40 02 Feb 2011

It to stop you getting fat click here

  Bapou 16:45 02 Feb 2011

That's something else the Parliamentary Committee will want to discuss with Kraft's Chief Executive.

No wonder she is refusing to appear, if taking production to Poland is not bad enough this will really fan the flames.

  BT 17:08 02 Feb 2011

Its been happening for years on all sorts of products, including chocolate bars.

Standard bags of crisps always used to be 1oz(28.35gms)but the ones you get in supermarket multi packs are only 25gms now. Some of the individual packs are 32gms now so have got bigger.

Several comparisons here
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  spuds 17:16 02 Feb 2011

As stated by BT, its been happening for ages. Most of the products you purchase nowadays have been reduced one way or another, except in price.

I notice this a couple of years ago, when we purchased our usual brand of kitchen roll towels. The inner tube size had been increased, and the length of the rolls reduced, so making the previous holders redundant, and also the contents less.

  spuds 17:26 02 Feb 2011

Forgot to mention canned or bottled drinks. Check the content sizes of those products next time you make a purchase.

The other week I had to obtain Lucazade drink of 500ml for an hospital test. Going to the local supermarkets I was given the choice of 500ml or 1 litre bottles, plus containers of 4 or 6 bottles consisting of 380ml each. Checking the prices, there was hardly any real savings, but the 380ml worked out dearer (handy handbag or student size?).

  sidecar sid 19:22 02 Feb 2011

Wagon wheels!

  Bingalau 19:26 02 Feb 2011

Mars bars used to be a size that was used to compare all sorts of things with, because they stayed the same size for decades. For instance before the war you paid twopence each and got 120 mars bars to the pound. Inflation could be measured using that as a standard. But then a couple of years ago the size of mars bars was altered. So I have no idea what you can use now.

I'm just off to get one of the smaller sized ones out of the fridge for a treat... I may follow that up with a dollop of ice cream. (about the same amount you used to get in a twopenny wafer pre-war... 120 ice cream wafers to the pound as well? Can't be bad). Ice cream cornets were a penny each or 240 to the pound).

  spuds 20:10 02 Feb 2011

If I recall rightly, hasn't Mars Bars ingredients changed, similar to other 'favourite' chocolate products?.

bingalau- They are still selling the white wrapper England World Cup football Mars Bars around our way (4 or 5 for £1.00). So you cannot be eating enough ;o)

  morddwyd 20:12 02 Feb 2011

You beat me to it!

A Wagon Wheel used to be nearly a decent sized meal.

Now it's barely a biscuit!

  uk-wizard 20:41 02 Feb 2011

Goes back for years click here

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