Cable TV and Tivo Box

  Bing.alau 13:19 31 Jul 2012

I have a Tivo box situated in my bedroom and just decided that it might be a good idea if I moved it to the living room. But I thought I would ask Virgin Cable if it would be o.k to move it. I got a nice Indian sounding lady who told me it must be done by a technician and would cost me £99. (I think she must have been a Cockney Indian and was "avin' a larf").

Does anybody on here know whether this is true? Does anybody know what would happen if I just up and changed them over myself, I imagine it would just be a matter of disconnecting them and reconnecting them in the other place.

  lotvic 14:02 31 Jul 2012

I imagine it would just be a matter of disconnecting them and reconnecting them in the other place

well, and isn't that just what the Technician would do? Found this

"If you currently have a coax line that comes from your dish to the room you are moving the Tivo to, it should just be a matter of unplug/re-plug. You wouldn't have to touch the dish at all. The only thing is that your Tivo guide data might have to rebuild and you'd encounter the startup screen as if the power went off. If you need another coax line for your Tivo, then you may have to do some work with the dish itself or call an installer to help you"

  lotvic 14:07 31 Jul 2012

Of course, I'm talking nonsense if yours involve cable superhub thingy :(

Time I went for a walk....

  Bing.alau 14:39 31 Jul 2012

Prior to getting the Tivo box, I had Virgin Cable's normal box's in both rooms. I don't remember the technician putting in a different cable from anywhere to anywhere when he put the Tivo box in. That makes me think I could just change it over. I think charging £99 is rather excessive for a technician to do the same.

  spuds 17:22 31 Jul 2012


I am not saying this is the answer, but when I had a problem with my ISP, they suggested that a call-out by their own engineer was required. The fee was £99.00 (why do these thing start at £99.00?), but I managed to get it down to £29.00. When the engineer visited, I was asked to sign a form before he commenced work. On the form was £49.00,which I refused to pay, so he altered it to £29.00.

In the end I paid nothing, because a fault was found with the ISP's equipment. (Is your box faulty by chance?).

We have a number of Virgin engineer's in the area. if I remember, the next time I see one, I will ask the procedure for moving the box.

  Bing.alau 17:31 31 Jul 2012

spuds. Thanks, let me know if you do get any information from one. No, my box isn't faulty at all as far as I know. So that is out of the equasion.

  sidecar sid 19:25 31 Jul 2012

Cant see why not. A bit of advice here. Try it and see what happens

  birdface 19:29 31 Jul 2012

Change it yourself I think they charge you £5 a month just for using it.

I would have changed it long ago and I would not bother asking them.

Any problems with it just change them back before they come to repair it.

Check the fittings are the same I imagine that they would be.

Sometimes they put a filter on the box in case the signal is to high or to low so they would probably have to go with the box but just a matter of using common sense.

  spuds 18:49 01 Aug 2012


Just had a chat with one of the local Virgin engineer's. He said "change it yourself, but make sure which cables goes in where".

No expensive call-out, a simple diy job apparently?

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