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  bstb3 13:47 24 Apr 2008

Hi all,

Its been a while since I have done this, but I am picking up a year old Ford Focus on Saturday, the deal is all done and dusted (and seemed a pretty good deal too, all told).

However, at no point did we discuss the tax that is left on my part exchange. There are 10 months left on the tax disc, my question is am I within my rights to keep the tax disc and have the remaining time refunded, or is is presumed to be part of the part exchange value? The dealer is only fronting up 6 months tax on the Focus.

I appreciate I could ask the dealer, however I am somewhat cynical enough to expect only one answer back. I was just wondering what the forums views / experiences have been?

My inclinations is as it was never expressly stated in the negotiation or discussion about the part ex it is mine to keep.



  recap 14:09 24 Apr 2008

Keeping the tax disc and getting a refund is what I normally do.

  Curio 14:15 24 Apr 2008

Concur as per recap. You are changing the car, not the VEL.

  pj123 15:08 24 Apr 2008

I agree also, keep the tax disc and claim a refund.

Shame it's a Ford though.

  bstb3 15:08 24 Apr 2008

thats good news, thanks for the responses recap and Curio. I will keep the disc & get it refunded.


  bstb3 15:12 24 Apr 2008

thanks pj123 too, posted at the same time. I'll mark as resolved.

"Shame it's a Ford though" - I quite liked it, did everything I need it to (basically gets me to and from work). Mrs Bstb3 will spend as much time driving it as I will and she was very keen on it (that could be because her friends have fiesta's, but I couldnt possibly comment), I tend to use my motorbike when I can.

Thanks again all. Now how to spend the refund...

  bstb3 15:24 24 Apr 2008

fourm member, yes he did inspect the car (I was with him at the time) but made no reference to the tax at all, seemed more interested in checking the tyres and what I thought it was worth but of course the disc was visible and he could have noted it.

I guess the distinction is wether or not the tax disc is part of the car. something like the spare wheel obviously is.

Interestingly on the paperwork I signed for the Focus the tax is disclosed seperately, whereas my part ex is just the one figure. I think on this basis I will retain the disc, if the dealer hasnt contacted about it in a couple of days I will get the reclaim in before the end of the month.

  pj123 15:29 24 Apr 2008

Don't forget you can only claim full months, so you need to get it in before the 30th April.

  Stuartli 15:36 24 Apr 2008

An unnecessary and undeserved remark.

Re the VED disk on your PX. I always remove it and claim a refund if it's a reasonable length.

Believe me, it's the first thing that would be removed from the car otherwise once you have completed the deal otherwise - dealers enjoy a useful turnover from such perks.

  monkeyboy21 17:13 24 Apr 2008

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  Stuartli 17:37 24 Apr 2008

My mate's now on his fourth Mondeo - it's just two months old and is superb.

The youngest offspring has had a Focus 1.8 TDCI for four years and covers many thousands of miles a year without the car having ever missed a beat.

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