Buxton water - am I missing something?

  onthelimit 22:26 04 Mar 2011

Buying a Telegraph at Euston yesterday, was offered a free bottle of Buxton water. Bored on the train, read the label. 'Rain fell on the Peak District 5000 yrs ago' etc etc. Label on the bottle said 'use by date 2011'. Am I missing something?

  jakimo 22:34 04 Mar 2011

You must have been born to late then

  Forum Editor 22:47 04 Mar 2011

Yes,you're forgetting that for 5000 years the water has been a mile deep in the ground, free from contact with the air, and filtered through the underlying limestone. When it emerges from its source it contains no micro-organisms.

Once it comes into contact with air and light it behaves like any other water. It will cease to be microbiologically pure and will become stagnant if left for too long.

  onthelimit 09:21 05 Mar 2011

Is there nothing you don't know (or are you a fan of Google)?!

  ronalddonald 11:20 05 Mar 2011

its the bottle that goes bad - not the water. water does go stagnant at some time

  Forum Editor 12:09 05 Mar 2011

Bottles are made of glass, ronald, they don't 'go bad'.

  spuds 12:24 05 Mar 2011

Not when they are made of some form of plastic or cardboard ;o)

  spuds 12:31 05 Mar 2011

Knowing Buxton and the surrounding 'caving' areas, I am fully acquainted with the water,both underground and above. But I would still prefer the free mouthful from the monumental tap near the Pavilion/ Opera House, than the bought or store shelf stuff.

  finerty 12:40 10 Mar 2011

maybe your missing the bux

  jakimo 13:09 10 Mar 2011

'Is there nothing you don't know (or are you a fan of Google)?!'

Its the modern way of making people think your knowledgeable

  Forum Editor 15:18 10 Mar 2011

of making people think your knowledgeable"

Actually a huge amount of the information that comes up in Google search returns is rubbish, but lots of people think that because something is found via Google it must be true.

In the same way, lots of people think that everything in Wikipedia is fact, but of course huge amounts of that is rubbish too.

The secret of being knowledgeable - apart from being intelligent enough to understand things when you come across them - is to read widely, so you develop a sense for what sounds right and what doesn't. Simply acquiring knowledge isn't enough - you have to know how to apply it.

Almost everyone can have an opinion about most things after a couple of minutes with Google, but having an informed opinion is another thing altogether. That requires a little more in the way of background knowledge. Experience helps, too.

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