nigg 12:28 22 Jul 2006

I have a large Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) in my garden. I've just been to it and there are about 50 butterflies on it. Peacocks,Red Admirals,Tortoiseshells and Painted Ladies. A wonderful sight.

  johndrew 14:25 22 Jul 2006

Probably the wrong place to say it but yes, butterflies do look great, in large numbers especially.

I get them in my garage every year. Why they go there I`ve no idea. However if I don`t spend time catching them around the window and releasing them outside they die.

  Forum Editor 15:07 22 Jul 2006

If it's early autumn when you see them in the garage they're probably looking for a place in which to hibernate. In such circumstances it might be best to leave them inside - then, when the first sunny day in spring arrives, open a dor/window, so they can fly free.

  PurplePenny 17:00 22 Jul 2006

Many years ago I recall reading that Red Admirals were in decline and indeed I hardly saw any about. This year we've had dozens of them in the garden.

I used to get Tortoiseshells hibernating in one corner of my bedroom. I always knew that spring had arrived when they woke up and flew out.

  johndrew 17:07 22 Jul 2006

That`s the strange thing, they seem to be there whenever it`s warm from spring through to late autumn. Sometimes in ones or twos and at other times they are up to a dozen or more.

I could understand them coming in in autumn and wanting out in the spring, it`s the rest of the months that confuse me.

  Forum Editor 17:12 22 Jul 2006

Red Admiral caterpillars feed on stinging nettles, and with most people eradicating the nettles from gardens, farm field margins etc. the butterfly did go into decline. I think that a lot of people (me included) are now allowing areas of their gardens to go wild, and many farmers are deliberately leaving un-ploughed field margins where wild plants can flourish.

Red Admirals will come to your garden if you let fruit (particularly plums) lie on the ground to rot. The butterflies love the sweet juice, and they'll often have a problem flying straight afterwards - due to the small amounts of alcohol in the fermenting fruit.

  DieSse 17:48 22 Jul 2006

or better click here

hope that one works!

  DieSse 17:51 22 Jul 2006

or yet again click here

  DieSse 17:52 22 Jul 2006


  nigg 17:57 22 Jul 2006

A Humming-Bird Hawk Moth regularly visits my garden. These are amazing little creatures.

  Forum Editor 19:20 22 Jul 2006

You're honoured - these moths are rare visitors to Britain, although more have arrived recently.

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