Buttercup the cow

  carver 16:02 16 Oct 2009

I was reading this click here and can not but feel that this country is definitely being run by the biggest bunch of of brain dead lunatics who have nothing better to do.

I have this feeling that I am going to get a knock on the door because I've allowed the cats to go out with out a rain coat on or they haven't any wellies on to stop their feet from getting wet.

  Quickbeam 16:06 16 Oct 2009

He'd be better of swapping Buttercup for 5 magic beans...

  Monoux 16:09 16 Oct 2009

All this seems to prove is as some on here have posted in the past- the lunatics really have taken over the asylum.

  peter99co 19:47 16 Oct 2009

How is he going to provide a light for the cow if he has no electric in his house?

  caccy 20:06 16 Oct 2009


You are not supposed to ask obvious questions like that!

  carver 20:12 16 Oct 2009

I suppose you are now an expert on the ‘psychological and ethological’ needs of a cow and calf, but then I presume that this is only one of your many "talents".

Maybe you should set yourself up as an animal physiologist then you would be able to go around the country talking to them all, sorting out their needs,you know like Dr Dolittle.

  Deekio 20:58 16 Oct 2009

Perhaps you would agree then that the poor cow,
is virtually in the same situation as us poor
Brits, kept in the dark, fed effluvia and grow
just like mushrooms.

  Deekio 21:14 16 Oct 2009

And now the poor cow can't sleep cause somebody's
left the bloody light on!

  tullie 21:26 16 Oct 2009

I get a feeling that someone is anti Daily Mail.

  Deekio 21:57 16 Oct 2009

I think you're right. And how is a farmer supposed
to clean the windows of a barn that is underneath
the house? The barn doesn't have any windows.
I wonder what the ethological effects are on the
cow now that the lights are on? Does it shout eureka! every five minutes?
The farmer must muck out the cow every day and feed it, so to say that the cow is deprived of light from November until April is wrong. Unless of
course the farmer works in the dark. In which case
there is an obvious ethological effect on him!
Carvers expression Brain Dead Lunatics is
obviously and etholocally correct.

  Deekio 22:26 16 Oct 2009

The world is a terrible place, you might as well
get used to it. It's also a beautiful place. Providing facts Re: Giving my location is not a habit I would fall into easily.
Apologies.You may be right about windows, I assumed
because the barn was underground that it had none.
But then I don't assume what anyone tells me is true
whether it be Littlejohn or a council official, I have been lied to by council officials more times than I can count.
Has anyone asked the cow its opinion?

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