Busy dark nights theory...

  Quickbeam 09:00 07 Nov 2008

Has any else noticed how much more busy the roads suddenly become when the clocks change?

My theory is that because the sudden change losses an hour of going home light, everyone finishes early because psychologically it's more relaxing to get home in the daylight. Then as the next few weeks go by, and they're going home in the dark anyway, they drift back to their normal finishing time. This is when the Autumn rush eases again back to normal. I've noticed this for many years, it's always the same in the first few weeks of the change.

That's what I think anyway:)

  canarieslover 09:32 07 Nov 2008

Roads always look busier when everybody has their headlights on. It makes the gaps between vehicles seem smaller as you are automatically drawn to the lights of the next vehicle. After a while you get used to this and the traffic seems to revert to normal. It's all an optical illusion.

  Quickbeam 11:43 07 Nov 2008

"It's all an optical illusion."

I don't think it is. It's noticeably much busier at all the normal road junctions in town compared to the weeks before.

When I drove in road transport I used to dread the time change as it could add over an hour from the journey out of London to Yorkshire with the extra weight of traffic. This meant I had to park up for a 45 minute break rather than getting home in one hit. Again after 2 or 3 weeks it went back to normal, as to get home in daylight means finishing at 15:00.

  crosstrainer 12:05 07 Nov 2008

Funnyily enough, I drove out to Cowbridge from home (Llandaff) yesterday (you have to pass the alway's busy Culverhouse Cross interchange....Hardly any traffic at all, even on the way home at about 5pm!

  Cymro. 12:43 07 Nov 2008

I have traveled from North Wales to Cardiff every six weeks or so for years now and have always found the Culverhousehouse Cross junction to be the worst part of my journey in daylight or in darkness.

If there is more traffic on the roads now that the nights are drawing in, I would have thought it due to the fact that people just don`t want to walk home in the dark.

  Clapton is God 12:54 07 Nov 2008

I think it's because the nervous or plain awful drivers are more in evidence after dark.

My car journey to and from the office takes me 20 miles each way along narrow and winding Sussex and Surrey country lanes (thus avoiding the car park known as the M25).

Going home in the dark after 5pm I get very frustrated at the number of motorists who drive so slowly that the traffic starts to back up behind them - creating an illusion that there are more cars around than there really are.

These people insist on driving at 29 mph in a 40 mph area and apply the brakes whenever another vehicle comes towards them on the other side of the road or when they approach anything even vaguely resembling a bend or a corner (what's the bloody gearbox for??!!).

In all seriousness, because these people annoy and frustrate other drivers, they probably cause more accidents than the speed merchants.

  crosstrainer 16:09 07 Nov 2008

It's normally a nightmare as you say...Guess I just got lucky. I tend to avoid it if at all possible :))

  AL47 20:41 07 Nov 2008

so annoying, but at least at night its easier to overtake cause u an see cars further along! yeah doing 50 on an open 60 road quickly causes a queue, and everyonr gets frustrated

ive just got some night drive 'sun' glasses cause of headlights hurting my eyes

i had a lovely drive home today, 80 along the open road with nothing at ll in front except one other car, also going bout 80

  Cymro. 14:12 08 Nov 2008

"driving like an idiot"
hardly an idiot JUST because he was doing 80. It was on an open road after all and he nor anyone else came to any harm.

So how fast or should I say slow do you drive on an open road then forum member?

  LinH 16:08 08 Nov 2008

So, driving at 70 is fine but increasing it to 71 makes you an idiot?


  Cymro. 10:50 09 Nov 2008

So are we to assume then that you have never ever driven above the speed limit no matter what the road conditions? I just hope that I never get caught behind you on the open road in good driving conditions.

It is not just the drivers who exceed the speed limit that cause road accidents, but also the once who go too slow and so force others to loose patience and overtake perhaps taking risks they should not otherwise have taken.

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