Business rate phone numbers

  Blubottle 11:49 02 Mar 2005

Does anyone share my concern over the prolification of 0845-0870 phone codes, these are business rate numbers at upto 8p a minute. Why are more and more company's going over to these numbers ? Greed I suppose.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:09 02 Mar 2005

The prices are freely available for those that wish to know click here I fail to see why there should be no charge, these companies need to make profit or at least cover costs as they are not charities.


  Stuartli 15:56 02 Mar 2005

Visit click here and find out the cheaper alternative numbers.

However, running/contracting out to call centres or providing help and advice via a telephone service is an expensive business; it's just not compatible with the Great British Public wanting to buy products at the lowest possible prices and top class after sales service.

It has to be paid for from somewhere but there is often a bonus - ordering products online can bring discounts or, perhaps, free p and p, as overheads are lower.

  spuds 16:14 02 Mar 2005

The practice of using business rate telephone charges are extending to some GP's surgeries nowadays, wonder when this will include hospitals and the like!.

  sattman 17:23 02 Mar 2005

NHS organisations will be banned from setting up new premium and national rate telephone numbers for patients contacting local services.
GP practices currently using national rate phone lines will be expected to switch to low rate numbers.

The move, which comes into effect from April, was announced on Thurdsay by Health Minister John Hutton.

Full details: click here

  Blubottle 10:00 03 Mar 2005

Thanks for the link stuartli, and Gandulf I am aware that profits need to be made,but when I rang my bank to query their mistake I had to use a business rate number it took 12 mins, calling customer services can take ages when being held on line, or am I being cynical,

  anchor 16:18 03 Mar 2005

Of course businesses are not charities, BUT profit should be made with the sale of their product or service. Yes, let`s pay for a dearer call if the product/service is cheaper; but it rarely is.

As for the Banks; well on reading the massive profits they are currently making, they should be ashamed of themselves to want more. Greed!.

0845 numbers are at local rate, as used by most dial-up "pay as you go" ISP`s.

  sattman 16:51 03 Mar 2005

The term "local rate" is a confusing anomaly.

For the record, BT payphone charges are:

01 or 02 numbers: 30p for 15 minutes

0845 and 0870 numbers: 10p connection charge + 10p for every 55 seconds

for the top rate 0844 numbers, e.g. 084441, 0844441, 0844443: 10p connection charge + 13.9p/min

  TOPCAT® 00:12 04 Mar 2005

How can it be that one can call the US cheaper than it costs to call a British corporation, government department or any other establishment using the enforced non-geographical numbers they've acquired? The proliferation of these numbers serve only to extract further costs from a confused public and, in my honest opinion, should be curtailed as soon as possible.

The following pdf gives some added strength to my reasoning in a much more comprehensive way. TC.

click here

  g0slp 05:22 04 Mar 2005

Good link, TC. Very interesting.

  Buchan 35 00:03 09 Mar 2005

Great links and marvellous info, and I`m now a follower, because the one thing that gets me damnably angry is being held in a queue on one of these numbers for long periods. Because I pay Onetel a fixed monthly fee for all my phone calls that fee only covers geographical numbers. I`ll be using this site a lot until I`ve a note of the numbers I use most. Thanks again. (At my age I`ve never felt so lively)

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