bus stop seats

  sunnystaines 16:32 16 Sep 2009

round here at the bus terminal the new plastic seats in the shelters are dreadful.

the seat is at a incline and not broad enough to sit on. Impossible to sit on them for more than a minute dreadful design and waste of money. thought it was just here but recently up in scarborough they had the same hopeless seats too. who designed them and worse of all why are the bus depots buying such a poorly designed seat.

any others got them in their town.

  BT 16:48 16 Sep 2009

Seem to be pretty universal now. They're designed for perching rather than sitting. I encountered some at the local Park and Ride last week.

  Cymro. 17:08 16 Sep 2009

I always though they were designed so as not to encourage certain people to hang about bus stops sitting on them. Certain undesirables I suppose, alchies, winos, teenagers whatever!

  wee eddie 17:10 16 Sep 2009

The design in, most, Fast Food eateries is sloped slightly forward of normal. McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Express, etc

The seats are designed to be comfortable, that gives you a welcoming impression, but the slight forward slope means that you need to be slipping yourself back onto the every few minutes. Thus subliminally persuading you not to linger too long.

As BT says these Shelter seats are not designed for sitting comfortably. just to take the weight off your feet.

  interzone55 17:35 16 Sep 2009

Now this is how a bus shelter should be

click here

  BT 17:53 16 Sep 2009

You're right it helps keep the shelter clear for its primary purpose.

wee eddie

I remember seeing something on TV years ago that suggested that the 'Victims' chair in the Bosses office should have an inch or so removed from the lega so that it was lower than the Bosses chair, and that the front should be half an inch lower than the back to create the 'uncomfortable' feeling.

  BT 17:54 16 Sep 2009


  wee eddie 20:51 16 Sep 2009

Common practice

  morddwyd 20:54 16 Sep 2009

"Now this is how a bus shelter should be"

Or even a cinema

click here

  interzone55 21:05 16 Sep 2009

That's the link I was looking for, it's the same shelter that is redecorated regularly...

  Chegs ®™ 00:48 17 Sep 2009

Here,we have nothing more exotic than a metal beam to recline on.It is so close the the wall of the shelter that you can only lean against it,not sit.If the seating protruded any distance though,the shelters intown would obstruct the pavement.

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