Bus smashes into parked Porsche BUT!

  tein 07:21 26 Sep 2009

Is this me.? maybe its 07:20 in the morning & ive not woke up yet BUT whilst watching this video of a bus smash into this £35.000 Porsche i couldnt help notice the bus drivers Manoeuvres! firstly why did he swearve out as much like he did & then why did he mount a pavement.? had they of been anyone in the bus stop they would of been seriously injured.?

Whilst the driver of the car is clearly guilty i think the emphasis should of been on the way the bus driver drove & how! thats far more serious!

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  octal 07:51 26 Sep 2009

In the report it said the bus driver made a mistake and put his foot on the accelerator instead of the brake, it does sound a bit hard to believe. There have been instances where this has happened in automatic cars, it actually happened to someone I knew with his automatic Jag, he put his foot on the accelerator instead of the brake when he was parking and ended up perched on top of a bank, quite amusing as it was one of my bosses.

Looking at the footage it looks like he was trying to get across the path of the oncoming traffic quickly from his parking place on the opposite side of the road, instead of taking his time he looked in a bit of a rush and you know what happens when people are in a rush, they make mistakes.

  Quickbeam 09:00 26 Sep 2009

"the driver of the car is clearly guilty"... of illegal parking, but the but driver is guilty of gross incompetence.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:11 26 Sep 2009

I agree with Quickbeam, the car owner is only guilty of illegal parking, the bus driver should be facing a long ban.

  peter99co 10:12 26 Sep 2009

I had the impression that the driver of the bus was not in his seat and was trying to get to it.

Hard to tell though.

  carver 10:54 26 Sep 2009

He can't have put his foot on the accelerator by mistake, he was parked behind another bus and must have thought the road was clear because another bus had just passed him and he tried to get in front of the other bus before it set off.

What ever the cause I'm just glad he's not my bus driver.

  anchor 12:09 26 Sep 2009

By a miracle nobody was waiting at the bus stop; they certainly could have been killed.

Surely that should involve a charge of dangerous driving for the bus driver.

  BRYNIT 12:35 26 Sep 2009

Looking at the accident, it looks like the bus driver may have had his steering on full lock due to being very close to the bus in front. He then put his foot down to try and get behind the bus that had just passed and could not turn the steering wheel back quick enough.

I could be wrong but it looks like the bus driver could have avoided this if he/she was not in such a hurry.

  namtas 12:35 26 Sep 2009

I wouldn't be so critical without knowing the facts. Don't these vehicles have automatic gearboxes? In which case I can understand how the accelerator can be mistaken for the foot brake and in the split second panic pushed harder before realising that you are on the wrong pedal in that time you will have moved some distance. And yes it would most likely result be a charge of dangerous driving for the bus driver.

  JanetO 12:46 26 Sep 2009

Still, maybe she won't park illegally next time.

  I am Spartacus 12:58 26 Sep 2009

Even if the car wasn't parked there the bus would still have hit the bus shelter.

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