Burst Mains Pipe Responsibility

  Alan-Petrie 18:37 29 Dec 2010


If a mains water pipe coming off the streets supply burst who is liable to pay for repairs?

The pipe is under my mothers garden which would make me think she has to foot the bill. Does anyone know the rules on this matter though. I live in Scotland in case that makes a difference.

Thanks Alan

  Picklefactory 18:47 29 Dec 2010
  Admiral Allstar 19:01 29 Dec 2010

assuming that the pipe serves your mothers property then legally she is responsible for it (along with any other homes which receive a supply off it). That said, water companies sometimes offer a free repair service. phone them up and see.

if the pipe does NOT serve your mother but simply crosses her land then she has no responsibility for maintenance and can phone the water company who are respoinsible for establishing who the pipe supplies and then speaking to them about getting repairs done. The water company does have a legal right to come onto the property to repair the pipe too. whether she expects compensation from the users is another matter.

  userious? 19:22 29 Dec 2010

Your responsable from the stop cock to your property, the other side is thier responsability.

  ella33 21:19 29 Dec 2010

Our water authority offers an insurance deal and that would explain which parts are your responsibility. Usually the bit that goes to the manhole just outside your house. If you are on a meter, from there to your house, which is quite a long way.
I think it is going to be very difficult with all the underground pipes that are going in some areas, to work out who exactly pays for what.

It could be called the yar of the burst pipe.

  sunnystaines 21:24 29 Dec 2010

a few years back had a burst pipe under the footpath on our property. was fixed free by water company, all we paid for was to re concrete our footpath afterwards.

but note anything under the boundry of your property is down to you, but i think most water companies fix for free anyway.

  ella33 21:57 29 Dec 2010

I meant year of the burst pipe!

  Forum Editor 23:26 29 Dec 2010

is as I've outlined in another thread

click here

  Alan-Petrie 14:09 31 Dec 2010

Hi thanks for the replies and sorry my reply has been so slow. I phoned the water company who said it was our responsibly and they wouldn't pay for it.

I lifted the slabs dug down to the pipe and have found that just before it enters under the house their is a joint which has snapped off and the pipe has then filed with dirt.

I just need to phone a plumber to get it reconnected and all will be well.

Thanks for all your help again and a Happy New Year :)

  Forum Editor 14:16 31 Dec 2010

make sure that when the pipe has been repaired you flush any debris from it via the cold tap BEFORE you turn on a hot tap.

Otherwise debris will enter the boiler's plate heat exchanger and block it - you'll have no hot water and an additional bill from a boiler engineer.

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