Bunny Boiling: Rabbits Burnt To Fuel City!

  tein 11:30 21 Oct 2009

Oh my word this is horrible!#

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  crosstrainer 11:35 21 Oct 2009

Aaargh! Phone the RSPCA! I never thought any country would have to resort to burning wildlife for electricity....Where do you find this stuff?

  wiz-king 11:40 21 Oct 2009

Ecologically sound - if people wont eat them then you have to do something with them.

  crosstrainer 11:53 21 Oct 2009

I don't mind a nice rabbit stew, but mass burning for fuel....?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:26 21 Oct 2009

Can't see a problem, the animals are dead and like us cremating our own, why not use the heat for some good use rather than for nothing. Way forward.


  Forum Editor 12:47 21 Oct 2009

From.dead organisms. I don't see a problem with us cutting out the middle man.

  john bunyan 13:56 21 Oct 2009

Yes, the fact is there is a cull, and one should not waste the carcasses. It seems a bit wasteful, in a hungry world, to simly burn them. Ideally ,if fresh, the meat should be sold and the residue sent to a rendering plant so that the "meat and bonemeal" could be used for fertilizer and the tallow (rendered fat) - with a much higher calorific value, could be used as biodiesel or for fuel.
In WW2 my granddad kept rabbits fed on outer leaves of veg and grass from the park, and I miss my rabbit stew. Rabbit was £14 a kilo in ASDA yesterday...

  Quickbeam 13:59 21 Oct 2009

Find some friends in the country, but you'll have to clean them though;)

It is a waste though, maybe if MacDonald's introduced a 'Bunny Burger', we would change the public percertion of eating cute bunnies...?

  Quickbeam 14:01 21 Oct 2009

I wonder what the calorific value of bunny is...?

  Seth Haniel 14:02 21 Oct 2009

quite healthy as not much fat on a rabbit - but beware of its left back leg?

  Grey Goo 14:06 21 Oct 2009

Would they call the Biodiesel, Hare Oil.

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