Bumble Bees

  morddwyd 15:52 28 Mar 2012

Much publicity about these becoming rarer,but not much evidence of it here.

Five in the bedroom (all at once!) this morning, a couple of them so big you could have slung a saddle on them and sent them to the Pony Express Air Mail Division!

Got rid of them no problem with the glass and card method, but I'd just as` soon they didn't come in in the first place with so much uncovered flesh available!

  lotvic 16:06 28 Mar 2012

Likewise, not much evidence of it here either. Seem to have about a dozen in garden. Makes me jump when they crash into windows (no pun intended Bill)

  wiz-king 16:36 28 Mar 2012

I have had to turf a couple out of the office this afternoon, droning round like little lost Zeplins.

  Woolwell 16:46 28 Mar 2012

"so much uncovered flesh available" - too much information!

  Bapou 17:01 28 Mar 2012

These last few days has been a problem with bees large and small entering the conservatory via the open door then not figuring out how to get out again. We have to check before going out then help any bees escape because once the door closes this heatwave can be fatal. More than once we have returned to find a large bumble bee crawling on the tiled floor seemingly on it's last. Fortunately, once finding the doorway open there's a quick recovery and off they go.

  Aitchbee 17:06 28 Mar 2012

I have missed the close proximity of the bees 'n' the hoverflies which have always paid a visit to the hundreds of plants I usually have on my big verandah, which has been plantless / lifeless for 18 months.

It's a lunar landscape at the moment! I can't wait to transform it back to a jungle, when repairs have been completed.

That will make me very happy.

  Aitchbee 19:00 28 Mar 2012

...and I bet the bumble bees are a-lookin' forward to the close proximity of my ugly 'mug' pressed up against the glass of my living-room windows, also.

  Forum Editor 19:08 28 Mar 2012

"I'd just as` soon they didn't come in in the first place with so much uncovered flesh available!"

The good news is that only female and worker bumblebees can sting, and they are far less aggressive than honey bees. A bumblebee will only sting if severely provoked, or roughly handled. Leave them alone, and your uncovered flesh will remain unsullied by bee stings. Provoke them and - unlike a honey bee - they can sting more than once.

I've been stung by bumble bees on more than one occasion, and my experience is that it didn't hurt as much as a honey bee sting.

  morddwyd 20:26 28 Mar 2012

"they are far less aggressive than honey bees"

But they sure don't sound it when you have them trapped inside a glass!

  Belatucadrus 20:41 28 Mar 2012

Bumble bees don't bother me, now Hornets bug me I know they're supposed to be remarkably placid but they just don't sound it. If you wanted a sound to define the state " really really badly pissed off " it'd sound just like a hornet. Add the fact that the sting is supposed to be remarkably painful and forgive me if I keep my distance.

  Jameslayer 21:42 28 Mar 2012

I have never been stung I must release pheromones that drive them off. It also works on women. :(

I have seen a few bees around as well meens the weather is getting nice. Have seen lots of ladybirds.

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