Bulk e-mailer software -can anyone advise or help?

  mulderat 08:03 27 Sep 2008

I am looking for advice on a bulk e-mailer software. I currently have 5000 contacts in an Outlook Express list which I wish to mail regularly each month. However, my current ISP will only allow me to send mails approx 5 mails (to between 50 - 75 at a time)before telling me that I cannot send any more that day.

I need advise on which bulk e-mail software that I can either buy or download which will enable me to import all my contacts from Outlook Express - and send a regular mail or newsletter to all of them each month.

Can you help me?

Many thanks

  John B 08:12 27 Sep 2008

A google search found this one ... click here

  jack 08:14 27 Sep 2008

send mails approx 5 mails (to between 50 - 75 at a time)before telling me that I cannot send any more that day.'

Your ISP restriction is the stumbling block- no Software as far as I can visualize will change that.

It is very likely that your ISP will allow a bulk send once a month if you go 'Commercial' -
That is is pay'em more.

If this is private membership then and address confidentiality is not an issue- you could devise a team of co-senders who have a block of asddresses to forward a copy of the mail they get from you.
A Round Robin in effect.

  mulderat 08:33 27 Sep 2008

Many thanks John - I will check this out.

Also - thanks for your comments Jack. You are correct - so I will probably speak to Virgin on this.

Thanks both for your quick replies - much appreciated.

  spuds 11:37 27 Sep 2008

As been previously mentioned, it might be all down to possible 'bandwidth' contract terms. Your ISP no doubt would supply larger bandwidth for a increase of service price and package.

Failing that, you could try a domain and hosting company. Depending on bulk and usage they might have a suitable business package!.

  DieSse 17:58 27 Sep 2008

The ISP restriction is likely a limit enforced by their outgoing SMTP server.

The answer would be to set up your own server and send directly from it. I've never used one, but I know someone who used Postcast successfully.

click here

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