Build your own notebook?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 15:29 07 May 2005

see this click here

  wiz-king 20:44 07 May 2005

Well its an advance on click here but I dont think I will try it just now. I have enought trouble handling the screws, nuts and bolts on desktop machines and gave up making circuit boards a long time ago. I made my first computer a long time ago when every component had to soldered onto the main board by hand - no flow soldering then. The modern plug it together pc builders would have a fit if they had to place all the components in the right places and then do the soldering. I can still do the fine soldering but have to use a good light and wear my specs! I wonder what RS or Maplin would make of the shopping list if you wanted to buy all of the bits to build a motherboard? (and how much it would cost).

  DieSse 22:28 07 May 2005

Why on earth would anyone want to - I've never understood the mania for building ones own PC - who builds their own TV - DVD player - VCR - Microwave cooker etc etc???

  Nelmon2k 22:41 07 May 2005

There are several reasons people build there own PC's. However I think that the main thing is unlike TV's, Microwaves and the aformentioned things computers have all the parts seperate and there is much more too them. For instance, If you are a audiofile you might just want a top notch sound card so you can listen to your music with the best in sound quality. If you were to get a pc with this capability normally you would probably end up paying vast sums of money to get it. So I suppose the main reason people build them is because they are getting precisely what they want. (You do get good satisfaction about it though when you finish building it and it works)

  fitcher 14:10 08 May 2005

this could happen ..why not now ?at one time notebooks looked like they were made in wooden boxes or aluminiumn boxes .(anyone watch the pretender ..did you notice his computer )yes we should be able to buy a case and a screen to fitt ,and solid state components .like motherboard and processor .so you could easily fit parts ..maybe dropp in an x box with plugg in screen on back ,,just musing .any other ideas ?.

  DieSse 14:14 08 May 2005

"If you are a audiofile you might just want a top notch sound card so you can listen to your music with the best in sound quality"

If you were an audiphile you wouldn't look forward to listening to music on a PC!

  DieSse 14:14 08 May 2005

Or even an audiophile ... :-)))

  Curio 19:14 08 May 2005

You got that one right!!

You would be an 'PC audiophile' if you were an Musician recording to PC. You are not going write music to disk, then play it on a Hi fi which you carry about everywhere. Thus a customised PC/Note Book to test play audio would be the only way to go.

Also by making your own you learn a load which you would not normally... You become your own PC Helpline...

  Curio 18:26 09 May 2005

Audiophiles regularly listen to music sourced from CDs, LPs, and FM radio. At the current time, CD is the most common source of high-quality music, and thus the CD player will serve as the primary source component. However, there is a large and active community of music lovers who still buy and use LPs; turntables and cartridges are among the most exotic and lavish high-end audio products.

Most audiophile systems separate the functions of the pre-amplifier (which selects among audio signals and has a volume control) and the power amplifier (which simply takes a line-level audio signal and drives the speakers). Some audiophiles use, rather than a stereo power amplifier, two monaural amps, one per channel, in "monoblock" configuration. Some go further and use multiple amplifiers per speaker to drive the woofer, midrange, tweeter, and so on. However, there are those who claim advantages in the use of "integrated amplifiers" that combine these functions in a single box, arguing on the basis of an appeal to minimalism.

  oresome 19:17 10 May 2005

If there's a general migration to smaller devices and the component suppliers want to remain in business, then build your own notebook would seem a logical step, if the skill level can be kept within the capabilities of the average Joe.

I built my own 30 watt mono amplifiers x 2 some thirty years age to a design by Mullard who were the major valve manufacturer. Coupled to a pair of corner enclosures I built from a design by Gilbert Briggs who worked for Wharfedale, the sound was stunning for the time.

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