barca1 21:32 11 Mar 2008

This time it will be intresting i think Alistat is under a HUGE amount of pressure due to the closeness of a recession, lets wait till tomorrow eh...More outgoings...:-(

  Earthsea 21:38 11 Mar 2008

Yes, it'll be interesting to hear Brown's er, I mean Darling's, budget speech.

  peter99co 21:47 11 Mar 2008

He should raid the profits of the Gas and Electricity Groups. He could then help the four million households who find great difficulty in paying their Energy bills.

  merciarich 22:14 11 Mar 2008

Bah...... another excuse for them to charge us for their wrong-doings

Its ok.... put the price of petrol up further, charge the earth for fags, make beer cost its weight in gold and make passports a near impossibility to afford.

Oh and how could I forget.... dont forget to up our income tax to pay for this new Bank Holiday being introduced.... "National Day"... makes me proud to be British :-(

  DrScott 22:43 11 Mar 2008

I think the tax rise on fuel has been postponed...

  Al94 22:58 11 Mar 2008

Postponed - how magnanimous!!!

  barca1 23:49 11 Mar 2008
  sunny staines 00:13 12 Mar 2008

I'm retiring end of the month and my pension will make me a low earner, hoping for something in income tax to help.

dont smoke, cant drink due to medication and do not do much driving.

is darling having his strings pulled by brown? he certainly has a mess to sort out.

  DANZIG 00:33 12 Mar 2008

On a personal note this current 'government' has really affected my working life.

I work in a sector of the gaming industry whose profits are unfairly taxed twice (VAT and GPT (Gross Profit Tax)). This cost also affects our customer's prize money as you can imagine.

We have a blanket, draconian smoking ban that has really affected the whole industry, plus we have had a change in the legislation affecting fruit machines which has NOT helped at all.

Radical changes need to be made, but I'm not holding my breath....

  laurie53 09:07 12 Mar 2008

Labour government?

Tax anything the working class enjoys - booze, fags and betting.

They won't mind, the poor saps think we're on their side.

  Quickbeam 09:16 12 Mar 2008

They dare not feed that in with the fuel price having gone up 20% in a such very short time.

The fuel tax escalator has ceased to do what was originally intended. Everything we buy travels on a truck at some time doing 8 miles to the gallon, this increase will push the cost of everything up at a greater rate than earnings rise... So then we want more money to stay still, then we have inflation, then we get to recession... Boom and bust is just around the corner.

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