Budget proposals?

  Pine Man 08:28 23 Sep 2008

I know I am getting on a bit and may be considered out of touch but recently the government announced it was going to borrow even more money to make the budgets balance and in the next breath announces it is going to spend literally millions on free theatre tickets for the under 26's!

Also announced are free places for children in creches so that their parents can go out to work. Wouldn't that money be better spent on keeping the parents at home to bring their children up in a stable and loving home?

  GRIDD 08:39 23 Sep 2008

I am more concerned about the predicted 5p Income Tax increase with borrowing to hit £100 Billion.

"Wouldn't that money be better spent on keeping the parents at home to bring their children up in a stable and loving home?"

Keeping them at home? You're implying that they are either being forced out to work, or should be forced to stay home. You're also impying all parents are "loving" and are capable of providing "stable" homes.

"in the next breath announces it is going to spend literally millions on free theatre tickets for the under 26's!"

I hope that's 26 and under as I'm heading for my 26th in a couple of months!

  DANZIG 08:57 23 Sep 2008

..or does whatever this government suggests doing have no benefit for me at all?

I'm 35 and my other half is 45. we both work full time, own our own house (together with the bank!) and have no kids.

Our income isn't particularly low (then again its not that high either!).

Surely we should be rewarded for not clogging up the country with more mouths to feed. Maybe I'm being cynical but it just seems like we pay everything out but get nothing whatsoever in return.

  GRIDD 09:02 23 Sep 2008

Surely last year's 2p cut would have benefitted you?

It made me worse off, so if I can claim a couple of theatre tickets then at least it's something!

  interzone55 09:16 23 Sep 2008

I'm in the same boat as Danzig.

I'm 39 and my wife is 38, I benefited from the 2p tax reduction, but my wife, who only works part time for health reasons lost out. On balance we came out even.

We have no kids and rent our home for relatives.

None of the current proposals benefit us at all.

I can't see how "free" theatre tickets will help anyone, and when's the last time you saw a theatre ticket priced at £2.50? (target distribution 1m tickets, at a cost of £2.5m).

Also, this £700 voucher for a PC. Brown's last big idea in this arena was the HCI - Home Computer Initiative - whereby you bought a PC via work and got a tax rebate. The sudden cancellation of this scheme was a major factor in the death of Evesham...

  DANZIG 09:19 23 Sep 2008

To tell the truth I didn't notice it seeing as everything else has gone up in price.

  birdface 10:10 23 Sep 2008

It was just a matter of time before he had to put the income tax up.He has hammered the motorist with tax till they cannot take any more.Now he has had to put the income tax up instead.To me it is a fairer way of raising taxes with everybody paying their fair share instead of just the motorists.Will it make him more popular.Thats a big No.When I was a bit younger very few women worked they mainly staid at home and looked after the children,Then of course jobs came along that was more suited for women than men.And so more and more women started work and then came along equal pay for women and that was it ,the government had cracked it ,They had both parents out working so were bringing in more tax but who was looking after the children.In the old days if you got caught doing anything wrong you used to get a slap on the ear from the local Bobby that caught you.And then get the same from your dad when you were taken home.Its just some kids make up their own rules nowadays as they have nobody to control them when left on their own.Maybe giving 1 of the parents a small payment each week to keep them at home until the children grow up might be a good idea.Sorry ranting on a bit.But maybe if the Government were to clamp down on the get rich quick lot that want to move out of the country so that they do not have to pay any taxes might be a good idea.It's a law for the rich ,The poorer workers have to pay why not them.I have been told ,So not sure if my information is correct that a High % of Millionaires do not pay any tax at all[maybe they pat tax but not in this country.]If so there is something wrong with the system.

  DANZIG 15:58 23 Sep 2008

Can't help thinking that the £2.5 million cost quoted for the free theatre tickets and the amount quoted for free computers for 'disadvantaged' families (inc free broadband access) would be better spent assisting certain groups in our society with spiralling fuel and energy costs before winter hits us....

  DANZIG 16:37 23 Sep 2008

..and another thing, don't libraries have 'net access these days?

For free or minimal cost these days no doubt.

  peter99co 18:37 23 Sep 2008

No skimping then if this is anything to go by

click here

  GRIDD 19:16 23 Sep 2008

What's the definition of low income families?

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