The Budget and 4x4's.....

  realist 14:27 20 Mar 2007

It's that time again.

Talk is that ved on larger 4x4's will double to around £400.

Do you think it should be significantly increased, and if it is will it affect the number of 4x4's bought?

  Al94 14:40 20 Mar 2007

I think it will be much more than 4x4s that are affected by this.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:19 20 Mar 2007

If this is the case why not tax all goods from China and India who seem to be adding to the carbon emissions on a grand scale. I quote, 'Eighty per cent of China's electricity comes from coal, and there are plans for 544 new coal-fired power stations click here it would be more logical to tax their goods until they squawked.

The whole thing about 4x4s is utter cobblers...what about people who drive great mileages very year and if 4x4s do less miles to the gallon don't they pay much more in petrol tax as errrrrm, they use a lot more?


  Ho-Lin-Sok 15:42 20 Mar 2007

The only "British" vehicle manufacturer we have left is Land Rover, it now seems this Bozo is trying to tax it out of production.

  Forum Editor 15:47 20 Mar 2007

to think about setting up tariff barriers against China and India, just because they are struggling to achieve an improvement in their standard of living.

Our memories might be short, but it wasn't all that long ago that British industry was pumping out the pollutants as if there was no tomorrow. Some of our industries are still doing it, in fact, when nobody's looking.

The time might come - and come soon - when we'll be pretty thankful for coal-fired Chinese power stations; they might prevent the Chinese from competing savagely in the world market for oil on quite the scale that's being feared. Once China's economy really gets rolling they'll be in a position to wipe countries like us off the map in terms of world trading. The Chinese have long memories, and tariffs applied now might come back and bite our commercial bum in ten or twenty years time.

As for the utter cobblers over 4x4s - well, there might be more than a grain of truth in it, but the government is under pressure to be seen to act, and one way of acting is to penalise people who can afford it. A hefty tax increase will do little to deter 4x4 ownership, it'll just give the drivers something more to whinge about. The fact is that Western governments will continue to push up the cost of motoring - some will do more than others, but in time they'll all do it. Petrol supplies are largely in the hands of three or four countries who aren't exactly our best buddies, and competition for supplies will be so fierce in the future that domestic demand will have to decrease, like it or not.

  Forum Editor 15:49 20 Mar 2007

Calling a Chancellor a 'Bozo' is hardly a mature way to make a point. In any event, if you think that assuring the sales figures one small car manufacturer is going to swing the pendulum on this you're way out of touch with the issues.

  Zero G 16:04 20 Mar 2007

I think it's Gordon trying to prove he's not a moron(song title in there somewhere).
OK if your in London you dont need one, my big sister lives on the top of Exmoor & each day drives over the highest point of the moorland, a 4x4 is vital to her being able to get out & get to work.

Surely this should be looked at in more detail from a city dweller like Gordon. Or will he when he's PM ditch the 4.2 litre Jag the PM gets to use!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:19 20 Mar 2007

Only a small point but the land Rover marque is part of the Premier Automotive Group, a division of the Ford Motor Company, which sort of makes it American.


  donki 16:33 20 Mar 2007

Agree callen the Dep PM a Bozo isnt very mature way to make a point........ oh wait is that not wot the UK polititions do all the time for fun?

I do think that he is getting more and more out of touch with the population of the country. Another point most 4 x 4's used in the country are diesel, with dramatically lower CO2 emmissions than their petrol equivilent. So if he does tar them all with the same brush it shows a severe lack of understanding on his part. So the people who can afford them as a luxury will continue to buy them, people who need them will again be stung.

Its an excellent point about the use of huge PETROL engined cars used by polititions, do you think they pay the road tax on them? Is this not a tad hypocritical?

  Zero G 16:34 20 Mar 2007

Suggest you look at USA 4x4's then Land Rover.
The difference is a lot, mostly to do with LR's not being so thristy as US 4x4's.

That said are their any vehicle companies in the UK that are still owned by UK companies?

  WhiteTruckMan 16:39 20 Mar 2007

they brought out a new car late last year too. I hear they're thinking about building another one this year!


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