Budget. 4 pence on the price of a pint.

  birdface 01:36 19 Mar 2008

Just back from my local club.15 pence a pint dearer.4pence from the budget 10 pence from the brewery and 1 pence VAT.Now the actual club has not made their increase yet and we are waiting for the price to go up another 6 pence a pint which would make it a whopping 21 pence a pint dearer.Now I am not a lager lout Unfortunately I have only got my state pension I try to get out a couple of nights a week but I don't think that I will bother much longer.Between the Council Tax. Water Rates. Gas+Electricity. Fuel.And all the other extra costs why don't the Government just give us a little pill to take when we reach 65 and put us out of our misery.This Government is trying its best to do just that.Maybe we need a change.But to be honest I cannot see anyone else to vote for.

  User-1235809 07:13 19 Mar 2008

can you remember when items used to go up by a penny? Where is the justification for such massive increases, the pubs are in enough trouble as it is with the smoking ban.

The extra tax was aimed at the kids, and they are now the only ones willing (and stupid enough) to pay the extortionate prices.

Invite your mates round to your house for a drink and do it at a quarter of the price

  Quickbeam 08:13 19 Mar 2008

Drink a bottle of Vodka before you go out!

  paul€ 08:17 19 Mar 2008

'Just back from my local club.'

You can afford to drink till 1.30 in the morning ;-), wish I could.:-(

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:35 19 Mar 2008

'Where is the justification for such massive increases'...wheat and cereals have doubled in price which is whu bread has risen by 100&..beer is made from wheat/barley. There is worse to come as well.


  interzone55 08:57 19 Mar 2008

"the pubs are in enough trouble as it is with the smoking ban."

Interesting comment that is not bourne out by my experiences over the last couple of weeks.

I've become quite taken by Whetherspoon's Farmhouse breakfast which I have as a treat on a Saturday morning before the weekly slog round the shops.

At 9:30 on a Saturday the place is about half full of blokes drinking, some look like they've been there all night. I'd say that pub isn't suffering from the smoking ban.

If anything is killing pubs it's the price rises imposed by the breweries to pay for their bad property investments - just look at the problems Greene King is having due to bad financial management click here

  birdface 09:10 19 Mar 2008

Lets go back a few years.1961 I was in Hudersfield and you could get a pint of Hammond Ale for a shilling.The mind boggles.That was 20 pints for a £1.And no lager louts about in those days.Mind you maybe they never had Lager in those days.

  User-1235809 09:30 19 Mar 2008


I've got to agree with you about daytime pubs. We go for a pub meal at least once a week, and it's quite busy lunchtime. But my husband has virtually given up going round to his local on a night because there's nobody in to have a crack with, all his mates are smokers (getting on in years) and won't stand outside in the cold and wet to have their fix.

Come summer it might improve but with the way prices are going, maybe not

  lofty29 09:30 19 Mar 2008

just as a matter of interest, we are all being told how in real terms we are so much better off these days in 61 your pint cost about 0.1% of my wages whereas today it would cost about 1%, if I was not a pensioner, ten times as much

  laurie53 10:02 19 Mar 2008

In 1961 £1 was a days wages.

The same sum now would be £60. Would buy a few more than 20 pints during happy hour!

  peter99co 10:42 19 Mar 2008

I get 24 cans of decent bitter for £12/£14. Stuff the pubs.

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