BT Penalty charge

  SURVEY 10:40 08 Mar 2007

Just received my BT phone Account this morning and note that as from 1st May unless customers pay by direct debit or are on a monthly payment plan they will be charged £4.50 a quarter penalty.

I always pay online within a day or so of receiving my bill yet I am being forced to either pay a penalty or sign up for direct debit. How can they get away with this - beig a virtual monopoly I guess. Another example of rip-off Britain.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:50 08 Mar 2007

You are being asked to pay what you owe by DD...could you explain to me how this is a rip-off as I assume that you are only paying what you owe?


  SURVEY 11:00 08 Mar 2007

Gandalf - but why should I have to pay by Direct Debit rather than by bank transfer activated by myself whan I wish to pay? This is BT forcing me into Direct Debit or pay a penalty of £4.50 a quarter.

  Totally-braindead 11:01 08 Mar 2007

GANDALF <|:-)> you aren't being asked to pay by DD if the comment is right, you are being told that unless you pay by DD you will be charged more. That surely is unfair.
My building society account doesn't accept Direct Debits as its a deposit account so what do I do? I can either close my present account and open another one that does accept DDs or pay the extra £4.50 a quarter.
There is no other phone company where I live so I'm stuck with BT so they really have me over a barrel. I suppose I'll have to move accounts as I'm damn sure I'm not paying another £4.50.

  Al94 11:14 08 Mar 2007

his must surely be illegal, have there been any reports of the OFT looking into it?

  Kate B 11:14 08 Mar 2007

It's cheap and easy for big companies to collect payments by direct debit. They are in effect passing on the saving to you.

  knockin on 11:45 08 Mar 2007

The other way of looking at it is that customers who pay by direct debit or monthly plan will get a discount of £4.50. I'll go for that.

  knockin on 11:46 08 Mar 2007

you just said that

  Kate B 12:03 08 Mar 2007

Great minds, knockin on ...

  SURVEY 12:25 08 Mar 2007

Hold on folks! BT are not dropping their prices as far as I can see to compensate for the £4.50 charge. So those of us who pay promnptly are being penalised unless we pay by direct debit. By going by direct debit we are not getting a discount of £4.50 but avoiding a penalty of £4.50!!

  jimv7 12:31 08 Mar 2007

You could always cancel bt and use a mobile phone instead, thats what a friend of mine has done.

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