BT infinity - WOW.

  Diver14 11:34 07 Mar 2011

After suffering years of slow broadband (1mb on a good day) I have just had BT infinity installed. Speedtest now shows a speed of around 35mb/sec. What a difference!!! I have just downloaded a 2gb European map for my satnav in approx. 8 mins. That is seriously quick!! That same file would have taken most of the night to download before. Happy camper!!

  Strawballs 12:09 07 Mar 2011

It has taken BT long enough but still not close to Virgins Max speed I have been getting those speeds for ages.

  SparkyJack 12:58 07 Mar 2011

It is true that as good as Infinity is compared to regular 'copper' connection- it is still Fibre to the cabinet and copper to the house- and the copper from cabinet is carrying other traffic-
Virgin on the other hand is fibre all the way to the computer and a dedicated stream to you.
Of course out going stuff still has to fight is way through all LLu's and contention ratios of the recipients provider

  SparkyJack 12:59 07 Mar 2011

and I am Infinity too.- smashing innit!

  eikonuj 16:12 07 Mar 2011

I have Virgin Media 50Mb broadband which tests at 48Mb, but it is fibre to the cabinet and the last 60 metres is co-ax copper cable.
This is the same for everyone.
Infinity will not be here for a few months yet in spite of false deadlines and broken promises.

  Forum Editor 17:54 07 Mar 2011

in Infinity I duly did so, only to receive an email saying 'sorry, we're not currently planning to roll out Infinity in your area'.

I was irritated, but cheered up a week later when I got another message from BT 'Sorry, we misinformed you, and we're delighted to tell you that Infinity will be available in your area soon'. Great news.

Since then there's been a stony silence from BT, and when I use their online Infinity checker I'm told 'BT Infinity is not currently due to be rolled out in your area'. I feel like yelling 'Make your mind up', but it's a website message, and I would look a fool.

I get lots of enticing offers from Virgin Media and SKY, but I have felt a certain loyalty to BT; I was one of their first broadband customers, way back when the service launched, and the connection has been extremely reliable - unlike BT's customer information service.

I've written to BT, asking them if there's such a thing as a roll-out plan which I can look at, because I'm fed up with seeing glossy TV ads extolling the virtues of a service that I might be able to get.....or then again I might not.

  uk-wizard 18:07 07 Mar 2011

Likewise FE, I have two lots of BB, one via the BT line that runs at about 1MB on a good day when the kids are at school and the other via Virgin cable which is a consistent 10MB but I would like the BT upgraded. No chance at the minute.

  Pineman100 18:14 07 Mar 2011

I don't believe anyone who shouts at a computer is regarded as a fool.

If they are, I'm a founder-member of that club!

No chance of Infinity in this remote area of Suffolk until my grandson is my age, I imagine.


  dfh 18:34 07 Mar 2011

I'm sure sure how reliable it is but click here

  Forum Editor 18:45 07 Mar 2011

Thank you - that's helpful.

Apart from "The indicative dates are estimates only and may change"

I wonder why that list can give me an estimated availability (to the nearest month) but the BT broadband website can't.

  onthelimit 19:59 07 Mar 2011

Just been told that my little village (Baschurch in Shropshire) is to be given the 'gift' in Mar 2012. I look forward to it!

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