Bt is currently the best

  Forum Editor 00:12 18 Jul 2006

performing ADSL broadband supplier, according to the latest net survey.

click here for the details.

  Starfox 00:14 18 Jul 2006

Just prooves what I have known for years!

  rdave13 00:31 18 Jul 2006

Tinkering with the idea of leaving my ISP and thinking of going with BTbroadband.

  Jimmy14 00:46 18 Jul 2006

They might be the best supplier of broadband but their prices are expensive and especially their high speed broadband has download limits from 2Gb upwards which is annoying.

  LastChip 00:49 18 Jul 2006

Read the last but one paragraph:

"The results of the tests do not indicate which ISP is best to use or represents best value for money, said Mr Johns. Other factors such as the price of a service or the level of customer support are not taken into account."

I certainly wouldn't rate them as best value. Even the much slated AOL currently offers a better deal than BT.

  wolfie3000 04:49 18 Jul 2006

Think i will stick with aol iv been with them for years and am more than happy with there service.

  rmcqua 10:39 18 Jul 2006

It has always surprised me that, given the network and equipment infrastructure advantage that BT have enjoyed, they have not been more consistently way ahead in the ADSL ratings.

  wee eddie 13:06 18 Jul 2006

Early on, about '97 I changed ISP. It was a nightmare trying to inform all my contacts and folk that I just knew in passing that I had moved and I still lost contact with some.

I changed to "bt" and have had the same address since then.

The reason I chose "bt" - That they would probably still be here in 10 years time. I pay less now than I did then and I'm on Broadband, I am with Openworld (now) but all my old addresses still deliver when required.

  anskyber 13:41 18 Jul 2006

Aha FE! Not like you; I have become familiar with your careful analysis of a wide range of issues. I agree that all you have done is borrowed the headline from the BBC in terms of what is intended to be the bottom line conclusion. The reality is that for some factors such as speed the conclusion is reasonable. Other factors are not tested so the conclusion needs to be qualified.

In the absence of other data it is an interesting conclusion and I am sure one that you will be happy with as a BT user! I recently moved from Wanadoo to Zen Internet, something I have not regretted at all, BT was the only other candidate. I confess that my decision was assisted by click here which paints a slightly different picture to the perhaps more scientific study that you mention.

  Starfox 13:53 18 Jul 2006

If you have an ISP that you are happy with I see no reason to change. I know of two people who changed to Talk-Talk broadband because it was supposedly free and are now trying to get out of their contracts.

If it's cheap or free there is usually a downside.

Just my opinion.

  SANTOS7 14:37 18 Jul 2006

I don't think the FE would start such a post and i may get shot down here but it seems a tad unprofesional for someone like the Forum Editor to favour a particular ISP as anskyber says we become familiar with the FEs unbiased analysis.
We have of late experienced an imposter and i think this post is in the same frame..
PS. if you never hear from me again i was wrong...

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