Brrrrrrrr, close the Vladivostok door!

  Quickbeam 08:25 29 Nov 2010

Coldest ever Yorkshire temperature recorded click here That was on high ground, but even where I live at almost at sea level we had minus 11

This looks like being a long and cold winter again.

  Quickbeam 08:32 29 Nov 2010

Not as high as I thought, it's only 17metres above sea level according to Memory Map.

  morddwyd 08:40 29 Nov 2010

Interesting that both the places mentioned, Topcliffe and Chorch Fenton, are both ex-RAF stations.

Bears out our belief that they always decided to put them where the weather was worst (not true, of course. Just happened that they were the places with professional meteorological recording facilities)!

Anyone remember Binbrook?

Coldest I ever experienced was -24.8 at Laarbruch in Germany.

  Quickbeam 08:49 29 Nov 2010

I went to see the last ever Lightning display at Binbrook, the day was grey low cloud and the roads blocked for miles. I didn't even get there and I think that it was cancelled anyway because of the low cloud.

  Uboat 10:25 29 Nov 2010

Quickbeam I live in Yorkshire & i can tell you its THICK snow & freeeeezing!!!

yet on saturday night in the town thick snow & still snowing there was women out drinking in "Short Skirts & high heels"?? words are beyond me..

Also there is NO indication this is a quick snap of cold weather its with us for quite some time at least another ten days!

  pavvi 12:06 29 Nov 2010's interesting to note how people in different countries react. I returned from beautiful Tallin in Estonia yesterday where they had 18 inches of snow in 48 hours and the airport didn't shut, the buses still running and people just get on with it, in spite of it being 4 - 6 weeks before they expected this kind of weather. It did make the Christmas market (which dates back to 15th Century) look especially pretty click here

  michaelw 12:35 29 Nov 2010

The last thing we want is a lot of pessimists coming here and whining that it's cold outside. Just put on another wooly hat like Edwina Curry suggested and everything will be a lot warmer.

  Bapou 13:09 29 Nov 2010

Just been talking to a friend, he was somewhat uptight about a neighbour across the road from him.

About 6am this morning friend was awakened by the sound of someone clearing snow, it was the neighbour.

As my friend said, he could understand if neighbour needed the car out, except, neighbour is retired and was staying indoors anyway. So why the hurry?

About an hour later, a snow plough came along and access to neighbour's or anyone else's drive was blocked.

  Jameslayer 19:58 29 Nov 2010

I'm so bad at geography. Does Estonia normally get decent snowy winters.

  pavvi 20:49 29 Nov 2010

Estonia does, but gets the snow normally in January. It doesn't normally get this much snow in November. Don't see how that changes things though. I think that this is where our national pastime of being obsessed by the weather actually counts as a hindrance to us getting on with normal life whereas other countries just get on with it.

  Bingalau 22:11 29 Nov 2010

Hi pavvi. Nice to have you back from your trips and to see that you still remember your roots. Great! If you are home for Christmas, Have a great time!
I was talking to my doctor this morning and she has had a mail from her part of Germany and she tells me they are also having problems with the early arrival of the white stuff. So maybe it's not just us. We just think it is only us that are always moaning about weather conditions.

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