Browsers and the over bloted SLOW Firefox Two

  User-B5A9EFD4-91EB-45E6-81AC1E7A5444A0E1 01:27 27 Jan 2007

I for one do not like the way Firefox has devolved from an honest no frills fast Browser, to a over loaded slowc Google enforcer.
I don't want Googles tool bar, but Firefox insits you haveit. I want to configer Firefox the way I want it, but no. Firefox now insits on it's way of configering it's self. I set the defaults how I want them and the next time I open Firefox it has reset every thing. I have down loaded it twice just to make sure, and it's just the same. Well what about a new browser like Firefox one was? I would certainly go for that. Any one else fed up with Firefox Two or is it just me?

  Kate B 01:32 27 Jan 2007

Well, if you don't like it, don't use it. Try Opera - it has many fans. Or even IE7. I slightly fail to understand rants like this: surely the obvious solution is to use something else instead of putting yourself through the apparent torture of sticking with something you don't like?

Incidentally, the search bar in Firefox can be changed to various other search engines. It just defaults to Google, it doesn't exclude others.

  VoG II 08:10 27 Jan 2007

What a silly thread!

Have you tried clicking the arrow next to the Google G > Manage Search Engines.

I don't think its so much about Firefox not being very good but more about you not being capable of using it to best effect, EANS.

  Kate B 09:14 27 Jan 2007

My point is not that Firefox is the best browser in the world, it's that it's not the only browser in the world. People who rant about how awful something is remind me people who sit all the way through a TV programme they're hating just to make absolutely sure it's as dire as they think it is. Well, hey - use the off button. Same with Firefox, or Norton or whatever: don't use it. Simple, isn't it?

  beynac 10:41 27 Jan 2007

Well, I'm obviously using a different Firefox v2!

There is no "Google toolbar". There is a very useful search box which, as VoG™ says, can be set up to use all sorts of search engines.

Bloated? The download is only 5.7MB.

If Firefox is "resetting everything", you probably have a corrupted profile. Reinstalling Firefox would have no effect on this. You need to create a new profile.

  cycoze 10:52 27 Jan 2007

I can only imagine there is something wrong with your installation.

I have FF2 on several computers, the Google toolbar is not on any of them, there is a check box during installation for Google toolbar.

I have also configured the browser to my own satisfaction and have no problems with it reverting or re-configuring itself.

I liked the previous version so set the latest up to look the same, i think it is just as fast.

Annoyances i had with it were the search bar (not to be confused with the Google Bar), simple enough to remove, right click the tool bar and click on customize, then left click and hold in the white area of the search bar, drag it into the customize window, hey presto its gond, do the reverse to put it back.

I did not like having to click the close button X on each individual tab to close it preferring the original set up with one close button X on the right hand side (saves keep moving the mouse across the page), either use the keyboard CTRL+W to close the viewed tab or edit the ABOUT:CONFIG to do this type about:config into the address bar and press Enter, you can now edit to your hearts content.

To have one close tab X use about:config and scroll down to browser.tabs.closeButtons and edit to...

(Firefox 2.0) This preference controls how close buttons can be displayed on tabs.
0: Display a close button on the active tab only
1: (default) Display a close button on each tab
2: Don't display any close buttons
3: Display a single close button at the end of the tab bar (Firefox 1.x behavior)

All the About:config entries can be found at click here

Is FF2 bloated? well it is bigger than previous versions, but as said above thats down to keeping up to date and security etc.

Is it the best browser? well i am happy with it, cannot speak for others and i have not tried every single browser out there.

Perhaps the simplest solution for you if you do not like FF2 is to try some of the others, or you could try uninstalling/reinstalling and setting it up again.

  HondaMan 13:21 27 Jan 2007

I normally use Opera, but I also have FF2 without the Google toolbar, I disabled its installation at setup. If you're not happy with the search engines, build your own. They even give you the instructions!

  jimv7 14:22 27 Jan 2007

Download from click here

you have the option of google or no google.

Some of you understand what I am trying to say, most of you seemingly don’t.
I am not “Ranting” thank you very much Kate B.! I am sad at the passing of what was a Great Browser, to what is now a mediocre one.

It is possible I might have a corrupt file, but I doubt it. I know how to configure
Software, and how to install it. Yes it may sound bigheaded of me but I do have qualifications in IT which are relevant to this. Remember down loads can change day to day, what was once a choice may have been left out in the next incarnation of the down load.

Having said all this Firefox may still be the best alternative Browser to Internet Explorer Seven. It may still be the best one out there, unless any one knows differently?

  Totally-braindead 16:57 27 Jan 2007

EANS if others are using Firefox 2 and they do not have the problems and toolbars you have then the problem must be with you.
They have said they do not have the Google toolbar, you say you cannot get rid of it and the others say you can.
I don't use it so I cannot comment on your problems but if the others have Firefox without the Google toolbar then it stands to reason there must be an option not to install it.

  beynac 17:07 27 Jan 2007

"It is possible I might have a corrupt file, but I doubt it".

I repeat that if Firefox is not holding your settings, you probably have a corrupted profile (not "file"). The profile is not effected by uninstalling and re-installing Firefox.

To solve this, all you need to do is to set up a new profile.

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