browser loading times

  mco 13:34 22 Oct 2007

This isn't a problem, hence it's not in the help section, but I was just wondering... my default browser is IE7 and it always loads up pretty instantaneously. I also have FF, Opera and netscape to try out my websites on but I notice that they all three seem to take a few seconds to 'come on', ie, for the images/text/colours to appear...which bugs me a this because they just DO (in which case, why does anyone bother with them?) or is it because they aren't my default browser? Would they load up as fast as IE if I were to change?

  tullie 14:22 22 Oct 2007

I suppose people use other browers because they prefer them,and if it takes a few seconds more,they are not bothered,I use firefox which,i believe takes a bit longer,in the whole scheme of things,do a few seconds matter?Besides that,apparently they are better than IE?I dont know,other more enlightened folk will tell us.

  Jak_1 14:44 22 Oct 2007

A lot will depend upon what you want the browser to do! If you need to save pics or files then IE is definately faster, firefox is like an arthritic snail on crutches for right click and save. However for general browsing firefox is more convenient. Have not used opera and have not used wetscape for over 4 years!

  RockDockDud 15:09 22 Oct 2007

firefox preloader,once installed double click icon in taskbar(bottom right)
click here

  Forum Editor 16:39 22 Oct 2007

as technology has accelerated our lives, we've all become conscious of the passage of a few seconds. My wife gets impatient if her computer takes what she considers a few nanoseconds too many to do something.

I'm with tullie - do a few seconds here or there matter much? I know you aren't that bothered yourself - you said so in your opening post - and my response isn't in any way meant as a personal criticism. It's just that the subject of how quickly computers do things fascinates me; I wonder how long it will be before we have machines that do everything more or less instantaneously.

  silverous 16:47 22 Oct 2007

I'm actually fascinated by how perceptions change. I recall a 386 seemingly incredibly fast, now it would seem very slow indeed. In the same manner I'm astounded by perceptions of things like cars - a car that I found very desirable a few years ago now looks dated - what has changed, the car hasn't!

  youtruth 16:51 22 Oct 2007

Sounds like some of you guys should check your computers to see if their is something running in the background, which is using up the resources .

  mco 17:01 22 Oct 2007

I'm with your wife. To me, a few seconds do matter very much! In fact, I get more impatient as I get older and use the pc more, I think, and I have always been a fast/impatient person at the best of times.

  robgf 02:02 23 Oct 2007

Alternative browsers are slower to start than Internet Explorer (much, much slower in the case of Firefox), this is because IE is part of Windows and already partly running.

If you are still using dialup, Opera is a better choice than Internet Explorer, simply because it handles the cache better.
This makes returning to a page much quicker than with IE and using forum sites is much quicker.

But if you are using BB, you probably wont notice much difference, as the connection speed is so much faster.
I try quite a lot of browsers and always test how fast they load pages, using the Numion Stopwatch.
click here
The Seamonkey browser is consistently the fastest in my tests.
click here

But despite Seamonkey being the fastest, I still use Opera, because it "seems" quicker. It's all down to personal preference in the end.

  crosstrainer 07:06 23 Oct 2007

The stats say, that if air travel had progressed as quickly as computer technology, we would now be flying from London to Los Angeles in 40 minutes!

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