Brown Threatens Legal Action

  carver 12:41 28 Feb 2009

Just seen this click here

and thought isn't this locking the stable door after the horse has been missing for about 6 weeks.

Why couldn't Brown or any body have seen that in the present climate these bonuses and inflated pensions just don't seem right.

But what amused me was the statement by Mandelson that he "should do the right thing".

I don't think he's the correct person to be giving advice about whats right and wrong.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:19 28 Feb 2009

Well, Fred Goodwin must be absolutely bricking it /eyes raise.


  Quiller. 13:21 28 Feb 2009

"Some of the practices now being discovered"

Well at least he is TRYING to rectify the situation.

  rowdy 13:28 28 Feb 2009

This is a blatant attempt to change the agenda from his governments incompetence to put the blame on others.

He should first establish wether there are any legal grounds for an attempt to renegotiate the deal before rushing into print.

If he spent a little more time in this country sorting out his incompetent ministers instead of grandstanding on his travel to' save the world ' I would be more impressed. The immediate problems are here at home.


  newman35 13:54 28 Feb 2009

"Well, Fred Goodwin must be absolutely bricking it /eyes raise"

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click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:57 28 Feb 2009

Amusing and frighteningly accurate.


  Forum Editor 14:03 28 Feb 2009

about who should have known what, and more interested in what happens next.

  tullie 14:22 28 Feb 2009

I suppose the PM will give some of his pension for the mistakes he has made?

  realist 14:46 28 Feb 2009

I'm very interested in knowing who knew what when and what they may have failed to do to stop the general public being "taken for a ride".

Not that anyone in the government is likely to fall on their sword, or even apologise.

Judged on their past record Sir Fred will doubtless re-emerge in a year or two as a government adviser on this or that, or even a minister for something.

  carver 14:58 28 Feb 2009

Afraid to tell you but this Government will still be in power until the next election.

They made a mess of things and now, same as always, it's some one else's fault.

I think that at the next election Labours catch phrase could be, "Honest Gov, it's not our fault".

What has amused me is that picture of Brown with his arms out stretched, trying to demonstrate how big the Sir Freds wallet is with all that money in it.

  spuds 16:11 28 Feb 2009

Quite a lot of people seem to have forgotten about all the other 'top men for the job', who will be highly rewarded for this and similar fiasco's.

Even though banks and financial institutions are being bailed out by massive funding from tax payers, some are still (according to media reports) taking a cavalier attitude as to how these funds or savers money is being used.There seems to be very little clamp-downs or restriction being imposed, especially here in the UK.

I wonder how many more whistle-blowers are in the wings, ready to shock us even further!.

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