Brown in record poll slide!!!!!!!

  barca1 12:30 13 Apr 2008

I think this was on the card's for him...

click here

  belfman 12:41 13 Apr 2008

Poor bloke - everyone's giving him a hard time. :P

  techie4me 12:49 13 Apr 2008

The song that Labour came to power on: Things can only get better?
Well it's only got better if you dont pay tax's, drive, smoke, drink, own a property or die.

  Quickbeam 12:50 13 Apr 2008
  robgf 13:21 13 Apr 2008

I feel a bit sorry for Gordon Brown, he made a major error taking over from Blair, when Labour had already been in power too long and there was bound to be a major swing to the other side.
Blair was sneaky as usual and got out just as the sh*t hit the fan.

  johndrew 13:25 13 Apr 2008

`I feel a bit sorry for Gordon Brown .....`

If he had been as good as he was proclaimed and had done a little less back-stabbing to get where he is then perhaps there could be a reason to feel sorry for him. However, there is an addage that runs to the effect that your sins will find you out ......

  Stuartli 13:31 13 Apr 2008

I'm one of those who filled in the YouGuv survey (we receive two or three a week on average)...:-)

Amuses me that said Brown was pontificating yesterday about Mugabwe and the Zimbabwe non-publication to date of election results, with a barely concealed hint of the situation being undemocratic.

Not that I would do under any circumstances, but I never voted for Brown to ruthlessly appoint himself as British Prime Minister (boding no opposition) and nor did any of the other millions of UK voters.

So his observations about Zimbabwe it seems to me represent sheer hypocrisy, as is common from politicians, and even more surprising in view of his personal early upbringing.

  Al94 13:32 13 Apr 2008

The sooner he and his gutless, spineless, incompetent government are gone, the better for UK. I'm just not sure that the required qualities are out there at the moment.

  tullie 13:38 13 Apr 2008

Dont feel sorry for Gordon Brown,hes taxed us almost to oblivion,and is still doing so using his puppet Darling.

  n4165si 13:55 13 Apr 2008

It cannot be to soon for me ,this man listens to nobody. when he starts worrying about the British Public and leave the world alone ,perhaps he may do better. his predecessor has done very well out of his position ,perhaps he should follow suit

  belfman 13:59 13 Apr 2008

Or earn under £18000 a year.

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