Broadband truth campaign

  cahpsuth2 21:14 12 Nov 2007

The Gadget show on channel five want as many people to help them find out exactly what people are paying for in connection speeds and what they are actually getting.
One guy was paying for 20 gig and never got more than 3.5.
The show wants you to test your speed at different times and send them the results,not a bad idea if it puts pressure on providers

  interzone55 21:41 12 Nov 2007

Do the people who run these broadband speed campaigns not know anything about physics?

The major factor limiting ADSL speed is attenuation. The longer the cable, the less bandwidth is available. No unless BT decide that it's commercially viable to put DSLAMS at the end of every street, or find the money to run optical fibre to everyone's front door there is no way in this earth that anyone is going to get even close to 8mbs unless they live in the exchange.

I get 2.4mbs and don't complain, because I know why I get that speed.

No instead of getting all hot under the collar because you can't get 8mbs, why don't you think of a way that ISPs can market their products, or perhaps you think they should charge based on where you live? But that wouldn't be fair, because it costs the ISP exactly the same no matter what bandwidth you get, because they pay BT per line.

  Jak_1 22:11 12 Nov 2007

Has a valid point, in their adverstising maybe isp's should state not only up to xx speed but also that it is dependent on how far you live from the exchange.

  HCOOH 22:47 12 Nov 2007

Not sure how good their test is, got 1336 Kbps using it but around 5500 Kbps on several other test sites. I suppose with everyone using it at the same time then the results may be meaningless.

  youtruth 22:51 12 Nov 2007

I think truth is a nasty word when it comes to the computer industry.

  youtruth 22:55 12 Nov 2007

Therefore, this gives the computing press the opportunity to find out the truth.

Then I woke up!

  Totally-braindead 23:16 12 Nov 2007

You can't resist youtruth can you? More nonsense in your latest posting.

I think that one of the main reasons people get so hot on the collar is because they call it by the speed they will try to give you such as "up to 8mb download speeds" and as has been pointed out many cannot get anything near that. I have about 3.5 as my download speed occassionally it drops to just under 3 and I have reached 4 and a bit but not very often.

If you sign up for something and it says you can get upto lets say 8mb thats what you expect to get because that is the speed they have put into your mind. Theres no point explaining later on that you can't get the 8 because your line won't support it or you're too far away from the exchange or whatever the reason is because you don't listen. They said 8mb and thats what you are paying for and thats what you want. You conveniently forget the "up to" bit.

I knew I would never get 8mb as I'm too far away from the exchange for one thing, I did hope to get maybe 5mb but instead got 3.5mb. I accept that, I would like it to be faster of course but I don't rant and rave like some seem to do because they don't get the "promised" 8mb.

I don't know how they should advertise the speeds but in some ways the ISPs have created this unrealistic expectation people have themselves. It doesn't take Einstein to work out that if you see an advert with a particular speed , then that speed is what you will be expecting to get and people will ignore the up to bit.

  Monoux 07:47 13 Nov 2007

I have posted this in a thread on Virginmedia on consumer watch but think it is just as relevant here

I had been with Ntlworld for years and was happy with the 1mg BB and phone package. I was recently persuaded to change to ( non cable )both now being part of Virgin Media as I was told Ntlworld will be switched off soon.

It was the worst thing I could have done.

I had to chase the Free wireless router several times before it finally arrived ( on premium rate numbers ) only to find when I connected to that every evening and most of each weekend my BB is around dial up speed and virtually useless. I’ve been promised twice to be moved to 2Mb guaranteed but this has not happened, I've run up a phone bill of over £10.00 trying to get this resolved without any success at all.

To cap it all I’m being charged by both Ntlworld & so I’m actually paying twice for a useless BB service.

In my experience trying to get anyone to help you on the phone lines is a waste of time and money, they do not want to know. I’ve written to head office last week in desperation but am not holding my breath for a reply

I have even contacted the “I want to move away from you people” but been told I’m tied to them for another 10 months as I’ve only just joined them, even though this was from a firm they own ( Ntlworld). I told them I would cancel my credit card so they could not take any more money from me. I was told they would pursue the fees and send in debt collectors and blacklist me for credit rating purposes if I took that action. I asked if that was for both sets of money they were taking and got cut off.

If I do not get a satisfactory response to my letter including reimbursement for my phone calls to them I will very seriously think about going to the small clams court.

  georgemac © 08:22 13 Nov 2007

what people also forget is that when you signed up you agreed to a contention ration of probably 50 to 1, which theoretically means you have to share the bandwidth with 49 other users at the same time, this is why the speeds drop so much at peak times

I get 4.5 Mbps max, this is OK for me.

Mounox - that is shocking service - I would never have agreed to move from cable to a BT line service if I had the option of cable would have taken it.

  carver 09:00 13 Nov 2007

I know that the speed you can attain and the speed you will finish with have little to do with the lenght of your line.

At the start of this year I was getting 6.0 Mbps from my broad band, after 2 months the connection speed dropped to 3 Mbps, after repeated phone calls to my sevice provider I finally was told the reason for the reduction was that they had been told to cap all connections at 3 Mbps.

After a very shall we say a heated phone call to their customer sevice department my connection speed was increased to 4.5Mbps overnight, plus I got 1 months free broad band.

So it goes to show that sometimes the speed you get is not allways the speed you reieve.

  Monoux 10:11 13 Nov 2007

georgemac © -- I was on BT line with Ntlworld too as I cannot get cable where I live.

To add insult to injury this morning I could not send or receive Emails for about an hour

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