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  PC Advisor 11:29 12 Aug 2010

Do you think broadband access is good enough in this country? BT's latest plan should give 75 percent of the UK access to either fibre or ADSL2+ connections (click here), but do you think more upgrades are needed?

Have your say in the poll in the lefthand column.

  wiz-king 11:41 12 Aug 2010

Dont ask two questions in the same poll! I have just pushed the wrong button.
I answered yes to the second question.

  wee eddie 11:43 12 Aug 2010

What it means is this:

75% ~ Only people in Cities and Major Conurbations

85% ~ People in small Towns and selected Villages are included

95% ~ Almost all Villages within 10 miles of a Major Town are included.

The remaining 5% are excluded as they are in remote locations and should count themselves lucky to have a Telephone.

Shortly they will not have:~ Bin Collection, Postal Services, Radio (once FM signal is closed down), Telephone, and the Internet.

  Uboat 11:51 12 Aug 2010

wee eddie Great reply!!
I fully agree
The uk is a very wealthy country & its hard for me to belive in this day & age that at least 95% of the UK isnt Broadband covered..So NO i belive more needs investing in ALL areas not just the cities that cry for more speed but the areas that dont have BB or a decent connection..

  David Price 12:00 12 Aug 2010

Potentially a confusing first post from me, so just to be clear, the question is 'Do you think broadband access is good enough in this country?'

David Price

  tullie 12:02 12 Aug 2010


  interzone55 12:04 12 Aug 2010

The DSLAM required to provide ADSL connections at an exchange are around £250k each.

There's a distance limit of around 5km before the connection drops below 2mbs

In rural areas there are not enough people living close enough to the exchange to make spending £250k on a DSLAM economic.

Once the 21CN is fully rolled out it may be possible to have cheaper kit housed close to villages to extend the reach of ADSL, but it still won't pay for any company to provide connections to really remote places.

  961 12:08 12 Aug 2010

The click here link in your first post does not work for me

Can you give the url ?

  Woolwell 12:28 12 Aug 2010

I see that it does not cover the south west as usual. My exchange is not even unbundled and broadband only arrived 6 years ago. Fortunately I have cable.

I know people in Devon who have not much better than dial-up speeds. It is not surprising that people in the south west feel forgotten about.

  Woolwell 12:35 12 Aug 2010

It's a link to PC Advisor's news if you hover over the click here you should see the url.

  Covergirl 12:45 12 Aug 2010

How are we supposed to know the answer to this?

All we can do is read various articles which all give different statistics and then make an ill-informed decision which may or may not be right.

I'll click "Not Sure"!

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