British summer time starts tonight (tomorrow)

  p;3 09:50 24 Mar 2007

for those who live in the UK click here

clocks spring forward at some ungodly hour

see if the board time clock can keep up

my own clocks get changed a wee bit earlier

  g0slp 09:56 24 Mar 2007

That's a timely reminder. (Sorry!)

Thanks, p;3.

  spuds 11:10 24 Mar 2007

What again. Only seemed like yesterday, that I went through all that palaver!.

Pity the poor chap who as the job of changing 500 clocks in one stately place, that was documented on television recently. Takes about 2 days to do the work involved, and some of the clocks had rather loud chime mechanisms.

I have various devices requiring 'changeover'. One being a radio controlled time piece, wish all the rest were like that :O(

  jack 11:54 24 Mar 2007

The various electronic contrivances change automatically but the 'steam' clocks wont get changed until tomorrow is well on
Herself does not like messing with the time.
I have to creep round and do it surreptitiously
until all is as it should by a the evening.

  IClaudio 13:35 24 Mar 2007

Well, I hadn't spotted that...

only in all the national and local papers, as well as TV.

  crosstrainer 15:33 24 Mar 2007

Thanks gets me every year....will now set one clock and put it in front of the kettle!

  anchor 15:44 24 Mar 2007

Just to cheer you up, they go back again to GMT on 28th October.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:44 24 Mar 2007

That one passed me by as well. Cheers.


  Zero G 17:37 24 Mar 2007

And the last time the time pips are from BT & Rugby.
When we go back to GMT it will be provided by VT & Cumbria.

  Blackhat 17:48 24 Mar 2007

Changing my clocks isn't so straight forward. I have set up a time warp to ensure that my wife gets to work on time. Here's how it works;

She insists that it takes her 1 hour to get out of bed, ready and leave for work, I know better, this is what she doesn't know

Bedside radio alarm set 20 minutes fast, next room she is in is bathroom, clock set 15 minutes fast, then kitchen, set 10 minutes fast, then lounge at 5 minutes fast, she then leaves for work after an imaginary 1 hour that actualy lasted 1h 20m.

She is never late for work!

  WhiteTruckMan 17:49 24 Mar 2007

with all those different timepieces how can you tell?


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