British Summer Time

  laurie53 15:45 28 Mar 2009

Nothing to do with the clocks, it's just that it starts tonight and it's snowing!

  Grey Goo 15:46 28 Mar 2009

You will be able to watch it snow for longer now.

  Bapou 17:19 28 Mar 2009

Tomorrow morning my car, bought September 2008, will at last show the correct time. I was too damned lazy to alter it!

  user8 17:28 28 Mar 2009

Early start tomorrow for live GP on BBC1 @ 0600.
Race starts at 0700 & no ad breaks!

  Forum Editor 17:47 28 Mar 2009

My car's clock updates itself via wireless. The first time it did it I thought the clock was wrong , and I tried to reset it. It didn't work, and I rang the agents to see what might be wrong. Boy, did I feel a fool when they put me right.

  gardener 17:58 28 Mar 2009

Yes, you always know when Spring arrives, gale force North winds and freezing rain. Glad to see the back of Winter.

  laurie53 19:15 28 Mar 2009

The clock in our conservatory will show the correct time tomorrow for the first time in six months or so!

  canarieslover 19:52 28 Mar 2009

Since I retired I haven't worn a watch but I can't stand a clock that doesn't give the correct time. Mine will all be altered before I go to bed tonight. The only one that won't is my body clock which will take about a fortnight to get into BST.

  tullie 20:02 28 Mar 2009

If its snowing,you will have an hour less with clocks going forward.

  Cymro. 10:43 29 Mar 2009

Sorry foe going off subject FE,
but I made a similar error when I found the sidelights on my car were still on but only on one side of the car. This was after I had parked and switched the engine off.

I checked everything and went right through the hand book but could not find any reference to side lights being left switched on but just the one side of the car. Before removing the fuse I thought it best to phone the RAC.

The chap on their help line knew immediately what the problem was. He told me to return to the car and make sure the indicator stalk was in the off position. On doing this the problem was solved and the side lights went off.

Apparently there is a gadget on some modern cars that permits you to have side lights on but on just the one side as parking lights. This function is not really necessary in the UK but is mandatory in some countries.

Bloody modern technology for you, you would think they had mentioned something in the hand book about it!

Like you I felt a right fool in not knowing this and phoning the RAC about it, but as the RAC man immediately knew what my problem was it must be something that happens quite often.

  Forum Editor 10:58 29 Mar 2009

That facility has been available on cars for many years. My car beeps me to let me know if I try to get out when the parking lights are on one side. It has a different beep to tell me I'm getting out with all the sidelights on, and yet another beep to stop me trying to drive off with the parking brake engaged.

There are other beeps, too, but that's enough beeping for one post.

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