British Aid Worker Killed

  john bunyan 13:43 09 Oct 2010

In Afghanistan.
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Whoever they were I am sure the rescuers tried their best to get her out alive and I deplore the comments I have seen in some forums which, with little knowledge, unfavourably compare the SF of UK and USA. In Afghanistan the top level SF wort together.
Now this tragedy has happened, how far is it justified to carry out reprisals?

  john bunyan 14:37 09 Oct 2010

"Against whom?"
Against those who kidnapped her, and their associates. I am asking whether it is justified, not suggesting it should take place. The kidnappers "bosses" wanted a convicted person released from the USA.I meant reprisals by the allies, not the rebels.

  Kevscar1 14:57 09 Oct 2010

and how will you be able to identify with 100% certainty who the kidnappers were.

  spuds 15:15 09 Oct 2010

There was a two part program on BBC 2 (this week and last) called Secret Iraq. There was some very interesting information about the Iraqi war and behind the scenes events, by the actual people involved from all parties.

I can only assume that Afghanistan is no different, but in this case the bargaining power was not strong enough for this unfortunate person.

Why is it, that people become involved in wars that cannot be won?.

  spuds 15:53 09 Oct 2010

If the Secret Iraq program was anything to go by, then the kidnappers would be known. As for bringing them to justice, it would all come down to bargaining power, by all interested parties, and as to the 'worth' of the event.

Regarding NATO forces, most have their hands tied as to how they are allowed to react to a situation like this. Their role is usually of a peace keeping presence and divider of faith!.

  sunnystaines 17:47 09 Oct 2010

agree with the first post by john bunyan.

a sad day for the womans friends and relatives

  john bunyan 18:34 09 Oct 2010

According to the latest BBC news, 8 kidnappers were killed, but the poor girl was killed when one of them threw a grenade in to her room during the attack. Not sure if any kidnappers survived, but if so I trust that their accomplices can be found.

  john bunyan 19:43 09 Oct 2010

On radio news. I thought I saw a report that the kidnappers wanted the release of a recently convicted al Quaeda in USA

  morddwyd 19:58 09 Oct 2010

"we'll hear stories of how this was a kidnapping ordered by the Taliban "

Taliban not very influential in this area, and it is though that extremist al-Qaeda are more likely to be responsible (no, they are not one and the same).

  john bunyan 17:05 11 Oct 2010

The rumour now is that this poor girl died as a result of a "friendly fire" grenade. I am trying hard not to criticise the US SF but the use of a fragmentation (as opposed to a CS or flash bang) grenade in this situation is unlikely to have been used by British SF.

  egapup 18:48 11 Oct 2010

As soon as I heard that she had been killed in an explosion I knew it was the Americans who had gone in.

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